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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Mac's parents from Mac and Me

By Courtney Enlow

If your only familiarity with the movie Mac and Me is when Paul Rudd shows up on Conan with that wheelchair clip, consider yourself fortunate. Because this mess of a film is SOMETHING ELSE INDEED. Mac and Me, which is unfairly touted as an E.T. ripoff (unfair because how dare you even utter this lumpy nightmare's name in the same breath as our Patron Saint of Perpetual Reese's Pieces), features alien creatures straight out of a Chris Cunningham video. The titular MAC, obv (Mysterious Alien Creature), but far more importantly his parents. His deeply nude parents.


Well, I guess mom gets covered because heaven forfend we see alien tiddies aside from the buckwild saggy windsocks hanging off MAC, his dad, and sibling creature. But WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS LOOK? Like, "You know what was missing from E.T.? LIVER SPOTS. JUST A FULL DAMN BODY MADE OF LIVER SPOTS. AND BRING ME THE BULGING EYES OF THAT ONE SCENE FROM TOTAL RECALL. ALSO, AND I CANNOT DEMAND THIS ENOUGH, THROW A KID IN A WHEELCHAIR OFF A CLIFF. THANK YOU. I LOVE COCAINE." 

And then in the end, the family becomes US citizens and they get good and gussied up. They cover up their sockboobs with All-American USA Clothing Outfits from the Pleasantville Collection. They look SHOCKED by America. Same, MAC fam, same. 

The family that is totally naked clad only in speckles until they put on their courthouse finery together stays together I guess. U-S-A! U-S-A! (The A is for aliens). (The S is for sockboobs.)