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SYFY WIRE Harley Quinn

Chosen One of the Day: Margot Robbie in the Birds of Prey teaser

By Preeti Chhibber
Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Birds of Prey

It was approximately 84 years ago the Suicide Squad came out — oh, only three years, you say? Really? OK, it’s been three years since the disaster-and-a-half that was Jared Leto’s Hot Topic entry into the Joker canon, and we’ve moved on since then. Mostly.

Aside from a surprisingly on point performance from Will Smith as Deadshot, something Suicide Squad genuinely had going for it was a uncanny vision of Harley Quinn thanks to Margot Robbie. They mostly squandered both these performances, but honestly, if Suicide Squad had leaned into the team to whom it owes its name, we may never have gotten the gift we got last night. 

Birds of Prey teaser

In Birds of Prey there is an immediate shift of power. Gone are the Daddy’s Lil Monster-tee and male-gazified-circus booty shorts, the long dip-died double pony tails. In its place is a Harley Quinn with her hair in two short, spikey ponies, gold lamé overalls (homegirl IS IN PANTS!!), a pink velour sports bra looking thing, and she’s completely in control. She comes out of the shadows, takes her mallet, pops a balloon and some gum and says, “I’m so f***in’ over clowns.” 

Joker’s not even out yet, and you know what, girl, same. 

The subtitle of Birds of Prey is “And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn” and if this is what they mean, then we can’t wait for more. F*** clowns.