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Chosen One of the Day: Ming-Na Wen bringing back her Chun-Li buns

By Preeti Chhibber
Ming-Na Wen Chun-Li hero

In 1994, our beloved stoic agent / Disney princess / overall badass Ming Na-Wen was in a live-action adaptation of the popular video game Street Fighter. In it, she played fan favorite Chun-Li and she rocked the hell out of it. 

Ming-Na Wen Chun-Li

That flying side kick! That don’t-eff-with-me-face! My hero. It’s like I was button-mashing and she was kicking that dude’s butt. 

That was 26 years ago, Wen is now centered firmly in her role as Agent May on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD — or is she? 

Wen brought those iconic double buns back just a few days ago, sharing this on Twitter: 

First of all, girl, did you already pack the picture in the attic that is aging for you because damn. Secondly, someone remake Street Fighter but just cast  Ming-Na Wen as Chun-Li again, because clearly she can hack it. (Aaaarms.) 

It’s like she knew our timelines needed the help, the cleansing, and what else does a hero do? They help. 

Thank you for this gift, Ming-Na Wen!