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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Robert Pattinson’s Batman smokey eye

By Preeti Chhibber
The Batman

The much, much awaited trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman dropped this weekend at the DC FanDome, and look, a lot happens in it. But I want to talk about Robert Pattinson. When it was announced last year that our favorite disaster chaos god was taking on the cowl, the reactions were mixed — but not from me. My reaction was THRILLED. RPattz was going to be RBats?? 

Surprised to see him take on another franchise after remembering his antics on the Twilight press tour, I was still very excited, mostly for the Batman press tour. (It has, thus far, not disappointed. I have two words for you: Piccolini Cuscino.) 

Fast forward to this past weekend, and we were (we were, we were the waiting) given another gift: this promotional shot. 

The Batman Robert Pattinson

I know that every single Batman wears smudgy black eye makeup under the cowl to better hide their true face — but has any other Batman given us this intensive on-the-set-of-the-”Helena”-music-video vibes? 

I am very close to pulling out my Hot Topic t-shirts and, you know what, maybe I will go back to my Billie Joe Armstrong in the American Idiot era of Green Day phase.

And it’s not just the eye makeup, lest we write off the hair. It has the distinct notion of being, as the band Say Anything may have pointed out in 2005, “elegantly disheveled.” 

Look, all I’m saying is that this Batman is clearly influenced by the early 2000s pop punk / emo makeup movement and so I am now so heavily invested in this sad, dirty, I want to go to that Black Parade RBats. (Fine yes, also please throw in a joke about The Cure, I will not erase Robert Smith’s black liner and smokey eye from this timeline.)