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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: The hair tie in Birds of Prey

By Preeti Chhibber
Birds of Prey Hair Tie

There are a few sentences that can immediately, ahem, tie together women: 

Text me when you get home.

I just wanna dance

Or, at 3 in the morning in the bathroom at a club two women who have never met build each other up, “No, no, you’re beautiful and amazing and they don’t deserve you!” 

In Birds of Prey, we got another one of those iconic sentences in the midst of the last battle. Our favorite ladies are kicking butt and taking names, but Dinah’s having a little trouble with her hair. It keeps getting in her face.

Birds of Prey Hair Tie 1

“Hair tie?” Harley asks. 

“Yeah!” Dinah replies, taking the offered rubber band and using it to secure a ponytail so she can continue to beat the sh*t out of the men of Gotham. 

Bird of Prey Hair Tie 2

I love a blowout and a good CW-curl as much as the next person, but I promise you that the first thing a person would do is tie that sh*t back when it’s a life-or-death fight on the line. That little hair tie in Birds of Prey is a g*dd*mned revolution. It says: yes, we do know how hair works. It says: yes, women were involved in creating this movie. It says: f*ck a patriarchy that says women need to look a certain way to be in an action sequence. It says: girl, you are my best friend right now. 

I mean truly, that little piece of elastic is better than the most intricately knotted together friendship bracelet. The MVP. 

Anyway, text me as soon as you get home. I love you.