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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: The Van Halen-singing Frankenstein burger from Better Off Dead

By Courtney Enlow

Better Off Dead is one of those specifically '80s weird movies, courtesy of writer/director Savage Steve Holland, along with star John Cusack who did weird-but-in-an-adorable-way superbly in his youth (now it's more weird-but-in-a-cash-the-VOD-movie-checks-way-so-I-can-tweet-nonsense-way). In a movie replete with bizarro moments (the Howard Cosell-impersonating Korean drag racers, the "two dollars" kid, Lane's mom's whole entire deal), it takes a truly impressive feat to be Peak Weird.

Enter the Van Hamburger.

Lane Myers (Cusack) is wackily suicidal (it was the '80s, man, I don't know what to tell you) and works at a burger joint where he is frequently taken away by imaginary flights of fancy. One of those flights involves going full Dr. Frankenbeef and creating a Frankenstein's Monsterburger who has a tiny Eddie Van Halen guitar and sings "Everybody Wants Some." 

Maybe if all our burgers started singing, we'd all go vegetarian. But I guess if you're a David Lee Roth fan and your burger starts singing Hagar, all bets are off. Chomp chomp.