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Chosen One of the Day: Tom Hiddleston’s love for Chili's

By Preeti Chhibber
Tom Hiddleston SDCC 2019 Loki

OK, OK, OK way back in 2011 — a brief moment of silence for the Before Times — Tom Hiddleston, best known for playing our beloved chaotic bastard Loki, gave an interview to Collider at D23. He was promoting the first Avengers movie, due out the following year — god, were we ever so young? — and in it, he shared a very relatable anecdote about wanting a good chicken sandwich. 

Apparently, it was Clark Gregg who spilled the beans, because the interviewer starts by saying, 
“Clark Gregg told a funny story about you, saying that you discovered a great restaurant in Alberquerque called Chili’s.” And Hiddles’ reaction as to what he knows is coming is great. 

Tom Hiddleston Chilis 1

“It’s true,” He says after composing himself. “I discovered Chili’s in Alberquerque.” 

By which he means he asked his driver where he could get a “really nice grilled chicken sandwich.” 

An aside to say that, I, too, often have hankerings for my favorite kind of sandwich, Tom. Call me. 

And his driver was like, bro, let me blow your mind. 

Honestly, what I’m learning from this interview is that Chili’s is the reason we have such a great Loki in the MCU. So thank you for that gift, Chili’s. 

Tom Hiddleston Chilis 2

“I’ll always have Chili’s.” Tom’s echoing my own dreams, these days. 

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