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Chosen One of the Day: Trooper Wagner, the fanboy of Knives Out

By Heather Mason
Knives Out Daniel Craig

All of us here at FANGRRLS are big fans of being big fans, which is why when I went to see Knives Out last weekend, I was particularly drawn to Noah Segan's character Trooper Wagner. Why? Because Trooper Wagner is such a murder mystery fanboy.

Trooper Wagner and Lieutenant Eliott (LaKeith Stanfield) are the local law enforcement officers assigned to the death of famous crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). Private detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) has also decided to look into the cause of death, which at first glance appears to be suicide. However, Benoit suspects that something is amiss. Enter: Fanboy Wagner. 

knivesout-big fan

What is the dream of every single fan of mystery novels? TO BE PART OF AN ACTUAL MYSTERY. Trooper Wagner clearly knew of this proclivity for intrigue at a young age and actually found a way to GET PAID to solve mysteries. Again, The Dream™ of any real fan. 

And in this case, Fanboy Wagner struck gold. Not only does he get to help solve the murder of a mystery novelist of whom he is a fan, but he gets to do it alongside a famous detective. This is like getting to help Sherlock Holmes find Jack the Ripper. Is there any better moment for a fan of murder... ehhhh, I mean mystery and justice?!

Throughout the investigation, Trooper Wagner gleefully points out references to Harlan's books around the estate. "Oh there's a statue from that book" and "Here's a painting from that story I read 8000 times." Sure, Knives Out is a movie about murder, but if it were told from Trooper Wagner's point-of-view, it's just the day a fanboy's dreams came true.