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Chosen One of the Day: Unfriended's chaotic Skype ghost

By Courtney Enlow

Today, as decreed by Jimmy Kimmel, is National Unfriend Day. Ostensibly, this is a day dedicated to unfriending people on social media, people who aren't really our friends for one reason or another, be they mere "acquaintances" or, like, nazis, things like that. But no one in all of cinema is better at the act of unfriending than Laura Barns, the "villain" of Unfriended (I say, HERO). 

After a humiliating video is posted, Laura is bullied to the point of dying by suicide. When a group of classmates, including her lifelong friend Blair, gets together for a Skype hang sesh, a mysterious unnamed user joins the chat. No matter how they try, they can't get rid of "billie227" who turns out to be Laura's ghost who is using both Facebook and Skype to torment her former "friends." There's Facebook in the afterlife? I CHOOSE THE VOID. 

Like a true chaotic queen of unfriending, Laura treats the crew to a "game," the game here being Never I Have I Ever. Loser dies, which somehow isn't the worst part of the game, because all questions involve the friends confessing their worst secrets. Laura, like a grenade of mess and mayhem, casually hangs out like a ghostly Regina George as the friend group devolves into screams, accusations, and rage.


After everyone is dead except Blair, Laura is all "good job Blair, you're like SUCH a good friend, JK B*TCH, YOU'RE THE ONE WHO FILMED THE VIDEO, CATCH THESE GHOST HANDS" and you know what? I respect every aspect of this petty demon queen's choices on this evening. 

Happy unfriending day, Laura, you vengeful game master and social media maven.