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SYFY WIRE Lightyear

Chris Evans swears he wasn't photoshopped into those 'Lightyear' promotional pics

He just has a very consistent pose, OK?

By Matthew Jackson
A still from Lightyear (2022)

Starring in a blockbuster film usually means more than just learning your lines and showing up during production. There's also the promotional tour to think about, which means weeks of traveling, giving interviews, and posing for photos. Lots and lots of photos. 

Chris Evans is well aware of this, having starred in major films ranging from Fantastic Four to Captain America: The First Avenger to Knives Out. He's walked the red carpet many times, done lots of junket chats, and been in thousands of photos throughout his career. In that time, he's developed a pretty consistent way of dealing with it all...which is why a recent round of promotional photos made him look a little bit like a cutout of himself. 

Right now, Evans is making the rounds to promote Lightyear, the Toy Story offshoot from Pixar in which he voices the titular Space Ranger. That means being a part of the Disney marketing machine, which over the weekend meant a trip to the Disney California Adventure theme park to plug the movie for fans. Along the way, Evans stopped at the "Pixar Pier" attraction to pose for some photos with various Disney and Pixar characters. Here are the photos the official Pixar account posted to Twitter on Sunday. See if you can spot what fans noticed right away:

Yes, almost immediately fans started to notice that Evans looks like he didn't move an inch between photos, which led some fans to believe that he'd simply posed one time and was digitally added to the photos. In the replies to the original Tweet, you can see fans having all manner of fun with this idea, and Evans took notice. The response was enough to prompt the star to respond on his own Twitter account to clarify that it's really him standing in both photos. He's just got the whole "hands in pockets, look straight ahead and smile" thing down to a science at this point, so he didn't move between set-ups. 

In fairness to people who believe the Photoshop conspiracy theory, Evans barely even changed his facial expression from one photo to the next, so it's easy to see how people might think he was cropped in from one image to another. Now that the idea's out there, though, we can expect plenty of Chris Evans fan edits. Maybe one day we'll get a feature length version of Lightyear in which he's inserted into the background of every shot. 

Lightyear is in theaters Friday.