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Chris Hemsworth officially inducts Ryan Reynolds into the MCU with 'love child' photo

By Josh Weiss
Thor & Deadpool

Now that all of 20th Century Fox's entertainment properties are owned by Disney, MCU heroes are beginning to comment and weigh in on the situation with some mash-ups fans have been dreaming about.

Just last night, Chris Hemsworth (Thor) welcomed Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) into the family fold with a picture of Deadpool wearing Thor's gladiator helmet from Ragnarok and holding a tiny-sized version of Mjölnir. One of Wade Wilson's shoulder pads bears the Avengers symbol while the iconic Mickey Mouse logo tops off the background.

"Our love child #thor#deadpool @vancityreynolds," wrote Hemsworth in the Instagram post, which you can check out below. Reynolds has yet to respond, but it's only a matter of time.

Reynolds himself poked fun at the merger on the afternoon before it became official. Posting a picture of Deadpool wearing Mickey Mouse ears (the ones you can get at any Disney Park) waving from inside a Disney school bus, he wrote: "Feels like the first day of ‘Pool."

The acquisition of Fox's many entertainment IPs became effective early Wednesday morning and Disney wasted no time in updating its corporate site to reflect all of its new toys. If you head over there right now, you'll see The Simpsons, James Cameron's Avatar, and even Deadpool himself chilling right next to Captain Marvel, Woody from Toy Story, and Elsa from Frozen.

Aside from Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants, early reports are expecting Disney to cease all further development on standalone X-Men films with the hopes of eventually blending them (and the Fantastic Four) into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadpool, it seems, will be the exception to that rule given its raunchy, R-rated nature. Over and over again, Disney CEO Bob Iger has assured fans that the mature appeal of the 'Pool franchise will not be altered in any way, remaining adult-oriented, so long as the messaging remains clear.