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An Ode to Miss Fairchild, Chucky's Favorite Teacher

Miss Fairchild has been looking out for Jake, Devon, and Lexy since they were her students back in Chucky Season 1.

By Caitlin Busch
Miss Fairchild (Annie Briggs) and a man speak in the White House hallway in Chucky 302 -- “Let the Right One In”

This story contains spoilers for Chucky Season 3, Episode 2, "Let the Right One In."

When we first met Miss Fairchild, portrayed by Annie Briggs, in Chucky Season 1, it was immediately clear: We could trust Miss Fairchild. When all the other adults in Jake Wheeler's (Zackary Arthur) life were judging him and putting him down, Miss Fairchild saw more than just a troubled teen. She saw the brave young man and artist underneath.

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That's why we're especially saddened to see her time on this earth (or, rather, in the Chucky series) come to such an abrupt end. 

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Yes, that's right. Miss Fairchild was one of Chucky's latest victims in Chucky Season 3, Episode 2, "Let the Right One In." And just when we thought she really had become an ally in Jake, Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson), and Lexy's (Alyvia Alyn Lind) mission to stop Chucky once and for all.

In "Let the Right One In," Miss Fairchild had managed to help the kids get into the White House after their plan to befriend one of the President's sons, Grant (Jackson Kelly), worked out. But First Lady Charlotte Collins (Lara Jean Chorostecki) insisted on meeting the kids' guardian first. Little did Miss Fairchild know that her formal meeting would result in Chucky jumping onto her shoulders, wrapping an American flag around her head, and suffocating her to death.

“I just couldn’t resist making those kids orphans one more time,” Chucky says, satisfied with a job well done.

Why was Miss Fairchild the Chucky kids' guardian?

Chucky stands near the body of a dead woman in Chucky 302 -- “Let the Right One In”

If you'll recall from the first two seasons of Chucky, our three young heroes are orphans after Chucky went out of his way to kill every one of their parents (and Jake's aunt and uncle ... and cousin ... and his new foster brother ...) in various, brutal fashions. 

So it's at the end of Season 2 when Miss Fairchild takes the kids away from the Priest-exploding hellhole that was Incarnate Lord, their short-lived Catholic reform school. After having been their teacher in Chucky Season 1 — and a cool teacher at that — Miss Fairchild couldn't stand to see her kids left to the system.

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Even though her time in Season 3 was short-lived, we'll always remember her for her humor, her desire to listen to her students, and her insistence that Jake and Devon practice safe sex (as uncomfortable a conversation as that was).

What will come of Jake, Devon, and Lexy now that their latest guardian has been lost to Chucky's machinations? Keep watching Chucky Season 3 to find out.

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