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Who is Glen/Glenda? Meet Chucky and Tiffany's troubled only child (and gift giver extraordinaire)

They aren't your typical family.

By John Albinson
Glen Chucky YT

Chucky and Tiffany may be psychopathic murderers, but that doesn't mean they didn't have time to start an equally psychopathic family they could reference in SYFY & USA's Chucky. The Wheelers aren't the only troubled family in town. You see, in 1998's Bride of Chucky, cinema's most deranged couple welcomed the arrival of their first and only child — Glen/Glenda — a tortured soul from the moment they were borne from their dying mother in the Hackensack Cemetery.

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If you're wondering why the two names, let us explain before we dive into their history. Although Glen/Glenda is one physical person, they possess the souls of two people, Glen and Glenda, with the former typically having control of the body. Glenda is the unborn twin of Glen who occasionally takes over their body's consciousness when Glen is physically assaulted; it's a similar phenomenon to when Nica Pierce becomes herself again when she faints and Chucky's soul momentarily leaves her body. Because of this unique distinction, Glen/Glenda identifies as genderfluid.

So, back to Glen/Glenda's origin story. Like we said, they were born in the Hackensack Cemetery in the final scene of Bride of Chucky, but it wasn't until 2004's Seed of Chucky when they truly stepped in the spotlight and their toxic parental relationship was put on full display. After they are born, Glen/Glenda is discovered by Psychs, a British ventriloquist who brings them back to England and uses them as the focal point of a degrading comedy routine. Eventually, Glen/Glenda discovers that their parents, Chucky and Tiffany, are in the United States and ships themselves to Hollywood to reunite with their long-lost mom and dad. Sounds heartwarming, right? Well, not so much.

As expected, Chucky and Tiffany are not good parents. Glen is horrified by their murdering ways and clearly did not get the killing genes passed down from their folks. Surprisingly, Tiffany vows to stop murdering in order to be a good influence on her child. Chucky, on the other hand... well, you can imagine what he thinks about all of this. He takes Glen on a "boys night out" adventure, where Glen ends up witnessing their father rear-end Britney Spears' car into a ditch (Leave Britney alone, Chucky) and inadvertently cause a photographer to pour sulfuric acid over himself. You know, typical father-child shenanigans.

Soon after, we see the first appearance of Glenda, Glen's twin alter-ego who happens to take after their father's bloodthirsty ways. After Glenda takes over their body and kills someone, Glen is horrified by what they have done the second their consciousness regains control. Ultimately, at the end of Seed, Glen/Glenda gets the ultimate revenge on their father by brutally dismembering him with an ax. Look, just because they're usually a pacifist doesn't mean they don't know how to kill someone — after all, their father is like the Michelangelo of stabbing. And in a cosmic turn of events that Chucky fans know all too well, Tiffany, Glen, and Glenda soon manage to transfer their souls into three separate human bodies and live happily ever after as a nuclear family of three... or do they?

The last on-screen appearance of Glen comes in the final scene of Seed and shows them opening up a birthday present from an anonymous sender. Glen opens the gift and it's... a baseball glove from their loving father! Nah, just kidding, it's Chucky's severed arm, which promptly attacks them.

Although Glen/Glenda's fate is unknown, we get some clues to their current whereabouts in Season 1 of SYFY & USA's Chucky. In Episode 2, "Give Me Something Good to Eat," Chucky tells Jake about his child and divulges that they are queer and genderfluid. Jake asks him if he's cool with it, to which Chucky slyly responds, "I'm not a monster, Jake." He might be a stab-happy lunatic, but at least he's an LGBTQ ally. We also hear Tiffany/Jennifer reference Glenda in Episode 8, "An Affair to Dismember," when she says they have "exquisite taste" in reference to an explosive device they apparently gifted her.

Glen and Glenda return in the midpoint of Season 2, where they are both played by Lachlan Watson. The twins arrive at the posh Beverly Hills abode of their mother, Jennifer Tilly (possessed by Tiffany), for an 18th birthday celebration, which devolves into a murder mystery centered around the fate of Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif).

Three months prior to the events of Episode 4 ("Death on Denial"), the siblings happen up the desperate captive and promise to break her out. Glenda, however, shares a quick exchange with their father, who takes control of Nica’s body after Glenda accidentally cuts their finger, exposing blood. Fast forward to the present and the spawn of Charles Lee Ray end up split: Glen carries through on their promise to aid Nica in her escape, while Glenda sides with Chucky in an attempt to murder Tiffany. This master plan ends up going awry: Nica escapes into an awaiting van (driven by Kyle) with Glenda, while Tiffany remains alive with Glen still at her side.

Will we see more of Glen/Glenda in Chucky Season 2? In the world of Chucky, nothing's ever out of the realm of possibility.