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The 4 biggest ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 questions we have after the Season 4 finale

We just binge-watched Season 4, and we're already dying to see what comes next.

By Trent Moore
Cobra Kai Season 4

The fourth season of Cobra Kai hit Netflix a few days ago to kick off 2022 with some well-timed tornado kicks, and not surprisingly, a binge watch of the new episodes left us with plenty of fist-pumps and tears as the modern day Karate Kid continuation picked up the story for a fresh round of All Valley matches.

**SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Season 4 of Cobra Kai on Netflix**

But with a fifth season of the hit series already in the can at Netflix, the creative team left more than a few cliffhangers dangling and questions unanswered for when the series eventually resumes (hopefully at some point later this year). We have Terry Silver staging a hostile takeover against Kreese as he assumes control of Cobra Kai; Hawk and Tory as the new reigning All Valley champs; Miguel is off to find his father (with Johnny close behind); and Robby is finally looking for redemption.

So what are we most wondering about now that we’ve stayed up all weekend and binged Season 4? We have plenty of crane-kicking questions. Let’s dance-fight-tackle each other into Stingray’s pool of mysteries.

Is this really the end for Kreese?

Cobra Kai Terry Silver

Just when it seemed like Terry Silver had truly snapped when he beat Stingray to within an inch of his life, it turns out it was all part of his diabolical plan to overcome his own personal “weakness” and put Kreese behind him for good. Terry frames Kreese for Stingray’s beating and attempted murder, and the season ends with Kreese being hauled off to jail just as Silver prepares to take Cobra Kai regional with the launch of satellite dojos all over the state.

So it begs the question: Is Kreese gone for good? We wouldn’t count on it. Though the finale definitely sets Silver up as the out of control, power-mad villain for Season 5, you’d have to think Kreese remains in the fold — possibly even teaming up with Johnny and Daniel from prison to take him down? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all?

Will Tory tell anyone her fight was rigged?

Cobra Kai Tory

This series has always done a great job with making its characters complicated, and few are as hard-to-like as Tory. She’s faced challenge and turmoil in her personal life, but karate seems to be the only thing to give her clarity and purpose. That journey comes to a head in the Season 4 finale, as Tory beats Samantha for the female championship in the All Valley Tournament. 

But it turns out that victory isn’t as clear cut as it seemed. A hit against Tory is deemed illegitimate due to a questionable out of bounds call, and she lands the final shot on Sam to take the prize later in the match. It seems like nothing but a bit of bad officiating at first, until we see Terry Silver meeting up with the referee and discussing his payment for rigging the match. That’s right: Tory’s victory was bought and paid for by Silver. And she knows it, after overhearing Silver’s meeting with the referee.

You know that bit of intel is going to come to light at some point, making Cobra Kai’s victory illegitimate. But how? Tory is the only one who knows, and the knowledge clearly wrecked her confidence and self-esteem when she overheard it. Does she confide in someone? Is it investigated? Will she come clean to Robby, or even her own burgeoning mother figure in Amanda LaRusso?

What’s up with Miguel’s dad?

Cobra Kai Miguel

One of the big mysteries they’ve played close to the vest since the series premiere is the identity of Miguel’s father. We’ve never met him or heard much about him until this season, really, when it’s revealed that Miguel had looked him up and learned he lived in Mexico. But his mother tells Johnny that he doesn’t even know Miguel exists … which will definitely make for an awkward father-son reunion when Miguel eventually finds him.

With Johnny on his way to find Miguel, you just know an eventual meet-up between Miguel’s father figure and actual father is coming at some point. But who is Miguel’s dad? A fighter? A criminal? A Regular Joe? Heck, could he even be connected to someone we already know from the series or former movies? Here’s hoping we get some answers.

Which side is Robby on now?

Cobra Kai Robby

Robby went to the dark side in Season 4, and only got darker as the season went along. But in becoming a mentor himself, he finally sees the consequences first hand of what living the Cobra Kai life can mean. He mentors a younger boy, the brother to his friend from juvenile detention, who is being bullied by Daniel’s middle school son Anthony. His aim is to give the young man the means to defend himself and have some confidence, but instead he takes that “No Mercy” approach to heart and becomes the bully himself, jumping Anthony and beating him up as he’s attempting to make amends. 

That moment finally reaches Robby’s Grinch-sized heart, and he shows up to reconnect with his father, Johnny, just as the season ends. What does this mean on the karate front? Is Robby out of Cobra Kai and headed to Eagle Fang? Headed back to Miyagi-Do? Going solo? Retiring entirely from karate? We don’t know, but considering he’s one of the best fighters in the mix (though new champ Hawk would argue otherwise) his allegiances will be a big question as Season 5 plays out.

Cobra Kai Season 4 is streaming now on Netflix.