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House Explosion in Coon Rapids, Minnesota Was a Dangerous, Real-Life Action Sequence

Action movies come to life aren't nearly as fun as one might think.

By Cassidy Ward
Vin Diesel thrown to the ground by a house explosion

The Fast Saga is no stranger to pyrotechnics. When you push that many cars beyond the limits of reason and physics, you’re bound to have a few explosions. Usually, they happen while Dom and the rest of the Family are on the job, but one explosion in particular hit a little closer to home.

At the start of Furious 7 (streaming now on Peacock!), Dom and the rest of the crew are settling down for quieter lives. They’ve tied up some loose ends, received pardons for prior crimes, and are taking some time to heal and see what life looks like out from behind a steering wheel. Then a bomb sent by Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) blows up Brian’s (Paul Walker, with help from his brothers and a little CGI) house, and pulls everyone back into the action.

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In the real world, however, explosions cause all of the damage and destruction of their fictional counterparts, without the benefit of being the inciting incident for adventure. Recently, residents of one Coon Rapids, Minnesota neighborhood were shaken when a home was leveled by a powerful blast that looked like something you might see in a real-life action movie. Unfortunately, it was all too real.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota Home Explosion Explained 

The explosion occurred on the 800 block of 104th Avenue, around 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 21. Residents were startled by the blast which reverberated through nearby homes. After the blast, residents walked outside to see insulation and other construction materials fluttering down from the sky like discolored snow.

The force of the blast was so powerful that the house where it occurred was completely leveled and pieces of the home were found dozens of feet away. In fact, the garage door of the home was launched like a projectile over nearby cars and into a home across the street. Both houses on either side of the explosion were also damaged and may no longer be livable.

As for the resident, he sustained significant injuries but miraculously survived the blast. "Our first arriving crews found the house completely flattened and the victim outside. The victim was treated by Allina and transported down to Hennepin County Medical Center's burn unit in serious condition," said Coon Rapids Fire Chief John Piper, via CBS News.

The cause of the blast is being investigated, but there’s no indication it was meant to send a message like the kind of explosions we're used to seeing on the big screen. Neighbors reported the victim said he was making something to eat, heard the gas whistling, and ran to turn it off when the house exploded. So, the most likely cause seems to be a tragic accident.

Looking for explosions through the safety of a screen? Fast X is still in theaters and now available on VODThe first five Fast & Furious movies, including the Fast Five story revisited in this year's Fast X, are also streaming now on Peacock, along with Furious 7.