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Cospets Episode 3: Pierre the French Bulldog becomes a futuristic telepath


Every pet owner likes to believe that their companion animal is awesome. And they are, but we suspect that few are as cool as Pierre the French Bulldog! This cat’s pajamas of a dog has a ton of cosplay experience already, is a certified service animal, and has his own Instagram account with over 16,500 followers!

For the third episode of SYFY WIRE’s Cospets, we were honored to be joined by Pierre and his human, Matt. There was even a peek back at one of Pierre’s first cosplays: Marty MuttFly from Back To the Future. Matt pulled no punches with that one, and even created a small DeLorean for Pierre to ride around in, or rather, a "DogLorean."

Pierre’s mobility and Matt’s Back to the Future fandom helped make one of our decisions for the latest Cospets costume. Pierre was given a hoverboard that Marty McFly would be proud to call his own. And because Pierre seems to have the ability to sense which humans need his attention during therapy, we cast him as a futuristic telepath.

Naturally, designer Katheryn Renfroe was on hand to put together Pierre’s costume and add some personal touches to it. She even came up with the Cerebro-like headgear that is supposed to be the source of Pierre’s telepathic powers. Additionally, she showed us the fabrics and techniques that went into Pierre’s futuristic-looking costume. It’s quite an interesting process!

If you want to see Pierre’s costume come together and see the incredibly cute final product, check out the full video of Cospets Episode 3!