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Critical Role announces 'Exandria Unlimited' campaign, sets new nerdy voice actors to play D&D

By Justin Carter
crit role mighty nein

Critical Role is a webseries that, if you play or know anything about Dungeons & Dragons, you’ve likely heard of. The series, which features prominent voice actors livestreaming themselves playing the classic roleplaying game, has announced a new spinoff campaign that's expanding the universe.  

This new series, "Exandria Unlimited" -- named after the world where the first two campaigns primarily take place -- will show more of Critical Role’s ever-growing world during its 8-episode run. With a time jump to a decade after the "Mighty Nein" campaign (which recently ended after 141-episodes with a 7-hour finale), "Unlimited" will focus on a new group of adventurers in a city still recovering from an attack that took place during the events of the original “Vox Machina" campaign. Fans will be pleased to hear that "Unlimited" is set in the region of Tal'dorei, last seen in Campaign One. While the new spinoff is not technically Campaign 3, it's still important to the canon of the series, and everything in "Unlimited" will affect Critical Role's overall future

In the "State of the Role" video below, creative director Marisha Ray prouldy announces the new venture. 

The campaigns for "Vox" and "Nein" featured voice actors such as Laura Bailey (Marvel’s Avengers, Last of Us), Travis Willingham (Marvel’s Avengers, Sonic the Hedgehog), and Ashley Johnson (Last of Us, Blindspot) in the lead roles. "Unlimited" will feature Johnson yet again, as well as Liam O’Brien (Nier: Replicant, Injustice 2) and Matthew Mercer (Overwatch, Demon Slayer), the latter of whom has been the Dungeon Master for the two main campaigns.

As revealed in a second trailer below, the new castmembers joining are voice actors Aimee Carrero (She-Ra) and Robbie Daymond (Jujutsu Kaisen, Persona 5), with Aabria Iyengar (who has acted in tabletop roleplaying shows Dimension 20 and Motherlands) replacing Mercer as the Game Master. In the past, voice actors outside of the main cast have appeared as guest stars for short stints, but this will be the first time new blood takes center stage in Critical Role's world. 

The new cast members are all excited to be a part of Critical Role, particularly Carrero, who reveals in the video above that she was the first "Unlimited" player to get a "How Do You Want to Do This?" -- a question Mercer asks to give players an epic moment when killing a formidable enemy. The pressure for coming into a storied world was definitely felt among the newcomers, especially for Iyengar, who admitted that taking the reigns from Mercer as the GM was both exciting and "actually terrifying." But the veterans were quick to hype up Iyengar and the other newbies to their community, with Johnson promising that if their fans "don't already know Aabria, they will, because she's incredible."

ExandraUnlimited full cast

Since it began in 2015, Critical Role has exploded in popularity, garnering hundreds of thousands of viewers with each episode on Twitch. Several in-universe comics and supplementary books have also been published, with the characters of the "Mighty Nein" set to receive their own slate of graphic novels beginning in October. The "Vox Machina" campaign is also being adapted into a cartoon for Amazon later this year, having been brought to life by fans during a massive Kickstarter campaign. 

Critical Role's "Exandria Unlimited" campaign will begin on June 24. For those who don’t watch new episodes when they premiere on Twitch, episodes release on YouTube the following Monday after their initial stream date, and then come to podcast platforms the following Thursday.