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SYFY WIRE Sweet Tooth

What if 'Sweet Tooth' was real life? Netflix prank video drops a hybrid into Los Angeles to find out

By Jeff Spry

New York City filmmaker Michael Krivicka, that master of the corporate tie-in prank video, is back in action with his first new project in over a year. His latest stars a feathery animatronic hybrid baby on the boulevards of Los Angeles as a promotional gag for Netflix's sci-fi series, Sweet Tooth.

Krivicka is the same digital jester who created the hilarious Devil Baby, Spider-Man Grabs A Coffee, Warframe Gun, Geostorm Taxi, and Cobra Kai prank videos that startled online viewers and fooled innocent victims with his clever street-shot short films.

Here in this new video, Krivicka parades out a disturbing human/owl cross-species toddler in a stroller to the shock and surprise of passing California pedestrians. Check it out!

The Sweet Tooth comic book series is the brainchild of Eisner Award-winning creator Jeff Lemire, whose catalog of Black Hammer “Hammerverse” miniseries and spinoffs at Dark Horse has drawn the attention of Legendary Entertainment for adaptation into another live-action TV series. Lemire both wrote and drew the title with colors provided by José Villarrubia.

Billed as a blend of Bambi and Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Sweet Tooth ran for a total of 46 issues between 2009 and 2021 under DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint. It tells the post-apocalyptic fairy tale of Gus, who’s part of an extraordinary new breed of human/animal hybrids raised in isolation after a viral pandemic devastated the planet. Together with a burly drifter named Jepperd, the pair sets out onto the American landscape to discover a hybrid sanctuary called 'The Preserve.’

"This was whoisthebaldguy's first big public stunt since the pandemic started," Krivicka tells SYFY WIRE regarding this Netflix promotional project. "Our crew was fully vaccinated and the challenge was to capture people's reactions who did not wear a mask, so we could see their facial expressions. 

"It was shot in LA because that's where the animatronic shops and crews are based, plus the weather is a safe bet. Many legendary talents made this one-of-a-kind animatronic hybrid possible, including Eric Fiedler, Deborah Galvez, Christien Tinsley, and Mark Rappaport."


"We captured a lot of interesting characters, as you can see in the video, and most people really believed that it was a real creature that was alive," he added. "It took a total of three days to shoot the entire video. It was an interesting experiment to see who would accept this creature and who would be upset or worried or even threatened." 

The first season of Sweet Tooth is currently airing on Netflix.