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CW's The Flash will cool down in Season 7 with Jon Cor playing supervillain Chillblaine

By Vanessa Armstrong
Jon Cor

Season 7 of The CW’s The Flash has cast a new supervillain for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) to contend with. Entertainment Weekly (via TVLine) is reporting that Jon Cor (Shadowhunters) is taking on the mantle of scientist Mark Stevens, aka Chillblaine.

According to TVLine, Cor’s Chillblaine “is a charismatic bad boy obsessed with cryogenic technology. But when he’s not breaking into corporate safes, he’s busy breaking hearts with his irresistible charm and roguish style. Armed with his own cold weapons, he’ll become a new thorn in the side of Team Flash as the DC Comics villain Chillblaine.”

Mark Waid and Craig Brasfield created the character. In the comics, a series of dudes took on the role of Chillblaine. They each got their moniker and powers, however, by being the boyfriend of Golden Glider, who makes them their frozen selves by blasting them with a cold gun made by her brother, classic Flash rogue Captain Cold. The many Chillblaines had a few characteristics in common — mostly that they were strong, handsome, and not-too-bright.

Glider’s fourth and final Chillblaine boyfriend turned out to be the worst of the bunch, as he ended up murdering his girlfriend for her technology and was eventually killed in return by Captain Cold. 

Per EW's description for Cor’s character, however, it appears that The CW version of the DC supervillain may be more than just a pretty, albeit chilly, face.

How will Team Flash run into Chillblaine? Things aren’t clear yet, but based on the logline of the first episode, it appears that defeating Mirror Master Eva McCulloch (the baddie from Season 6) “will unleash an even more powerful and devastating threat on Central City: one that threatens to tear his team — and his marriage — apart.”

The seventh season of The Flash premieres Feb. 23 on The CW.

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