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D23: Marvel's Disney+ panel highlights


After Marvel Studios' incredible panel at San Diego Comic-Con, their D23 presentation had a lot to live up to. Naturally, Kevin Feige and company held back a few announcements for Disney's D23 event. But what followed was the superhero equivalent of "hold my beer." 

At the D23 Disney+ panel, Feige took the stage to tell fans about the four Disney+ shows they knew about as well as three new series. In SYFY WIRE's latest video from D23, you'll get to see the moment when Feige revealed that Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk are coming to the MCU in their own shows. Additionally, Feige noted that Ms. Marvel will be appearing in the MCU films after initial appearance. Feige also suggested that She-Hulk’s unique tone will be maintained, since she is both a Hulk and a lawyer.

Other highlights include Feige’s explanation for What If?, an animated series based upon a comic that explores alternate outcomes in the Marvel Universe. To start, Feige introduced Hayley Atwell, who will reprise her role in an episode that transforms Peggy Carter into a superhero with Captain America's super soldier serum. 

Speaking of Cap, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier cast were on hand to introduce two new additions. Emily VanCamp came on stage to confirm that she's playing Sharon Carter again. Then, in a surprise, Wyatt Russell was introduced as John Walker. This means U.S. Agent is coming to the MCU!

Additionally, the cast of WandaVision teased their new and returning cast members, as well as the delightfully weird '50s sitcom style them for the series. But for those details, you're gonna have to watch the video!