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First look: Frank Miller is back with Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child

By Christian Long
Dark Knight Returns - Golden Child cover

Frank Miller will return once more to his acclaimed Dark Knight series. The legendary comic writer, who penned the landmark comic The Dark Knight Returns in 1986, will write the upcoming DC Comics one-shot Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child.

The new story will be set three years after the events of Dark Knight III: Master Race, which saw Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Carrie Kelley, and Lara Kent all standing together to overcome a dangerous cult.

Now, the aging heroes and their plucky young counterparts have to contend with a new threat, Jonathan Kent, who's also known by the much more terrifying moniker of The Golden Child. Gifted with monumental powers, the young Kent has the ability to destroy not only Gotham City — but the planet itself. For the illustration duties, Miller hand-picked artist Rafael Grampá for the project. 

"The Dark Knight Returns story began with its heroes getting older," said Miller in a statement. "Now we’re seeing the next generation of heroes in action, and Rafael was the obvious choice for me to usher in these heroes that are vigorous, untested and loaded with promise. I think that Jonathan Kent, in particular, will surprise everybody with his unforeseen abilities and impossible mind." 

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child will be available for purchase starting December 11. Until then, we have an early look at some of the pages, as well as the cover, to tide everyone over.