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David Lynch interrogates a capuchin monkey in his new short film available on Netflix

By James Comtois
David Lynch in What Did Jack Do

David Lynch turns 74 today, and to celebrate his birthday, the avant garde filmmaker has released a new short film on Netflix that he wrote, directed and stars in opposite a capuchin monkey who may or may not have committed murder. 

In, WHAT DID JACK DO?,  a funny, unnerving and surreal 17-minute black & white film, Lynch plays a homicide detective who interrogates a tormented monkey (the eponymous Jack) in a locked down train station. And although Jack has no intention of confessing his sins or crimes to anyone, Lynch's detective warns him: “I know why the chicken crossed the road.” It makes sense within the context. Sort of. Okay, maybe it doesn't.


Not surprisingly, their conversation is positively Lynchian; which is to say, odd and dreamlike and bordering on word salad while still being captivating. And we don't want to reveal too much more, but there's also musical number, because of course there is. 

WHAT DID JACK DO? is streaming on Netflix.

Since helming the 18-part Twin Peaks revival, Twin Peaks: The Return for Showtime in 2017, Lynch, who received an honorary Oscar at the 2019 Governors Awards, has been coy about whether he and his Peaks co-creator Mark Frost will return to the fictional Washington town, hinting that there’s at least one more storyline lingering in his dreams. 

Happy birthday, Mr. Lynch!