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Any questions?! Tom Hanks' David S. Pumpkins returns to 'Saturday Night Live' for Halloween

David S. Pumpkins is back, and yes, we still have questions.

By Matthew Jackson
David Pumpkins Returns

Way back in 2016, Saturday Night Live got an unexpected new Halloween mascot with the debut of David S. Pumpkins, a jack-o-lantern print wearing, dancing weirdo played with wonderful silliness by the always reliable Tom Hanks. The original sketch, in which Pumpkins confused and menaced a couple taking a haunted elevator ride, went viral, and became one of the most recognizable SNL moments of the last decade. 

Since then, David Pumpkins has appeared in his own animated Halloween special, and even made cameo appearances in a couple of other SNL sketch, but in the six years since his first appearance he'd never gotten a proper sequel sketch. That changed this past Saturday, when David Pumpkins returned to confuse and freak out a new group of haunted attraction visitors in a long-awaited follow-up.

This time around, the sketch followed three friends (host Jack Harlow and SNL cast members Ego Nwodim and Andrew Dismukes) as they took a "Cell Block 666" haunted prison ride in which each cell supposedly corresponded with a character from a famous horror movie. Then Pumpkins (Hanks, who stopped by to guest-star in a few sketches) showed up, and things got very weird, very fast.

Check out the sketch below:

As is the case with so many classic SNL bits that end up getting sequels, the new David Pumpkins sketch retained much the same format as the original, with a series of doors that opened to reveal various scary creatures and then eventually showed Pumpkins and his trusty dancing skeletons (Mikey Day and guest-starring former cast member Bobby Moynihan. Where the sketched mixed things up a little was in the delivery of Pumpkins' new scares, as Dismukes' character kept trying to figure out what movie he could possibly be from (Pumpkins insists he's just from "before") and Pumpkins kept offering answers that only added to the mystery. We even got a few new chunks of Pumpkins lore from the sketch. Apparently he's from Ibiza!

A David S. Pumpkins reunion was bound to happen on SNL eventually, and we'll probably get a third installment somewhere down the line. For now, just enjoy this new addition to your Halloween comedy playlist just in time for the big night. You can check out the full episode streaming now on Peacock.