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SYFY WIRE Day of the Dead

Recap: The zombie apocalypse screws with weddings, elections, and all kinds of plans in Day of the Dead Episode 2

This could potentially sway some voters...

By Seth Garben

Ask any survivor of a zombie apocalypse, and they'll tell you that in addition to the big changes, like the ever-present threat to one's personal safety, it's the little things you really start to miss when having to survive the onslaught of brainless cannibals.

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Things like wedding ceremonies, pumping a keg in the middle of the woods on Senior Cut Day, and casting a ballot in a local election.

Whether they know it or not, the people of Mawinhaken are going to have to put some pins in their plans, because calamity is calling.

**SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Day of the Dead Season 1, Episode 2, "Chum"**

Today's a big day. Yes, Mawinhaken is being overrun by zombies. But also, Dr. Jay Fisher (Dejan Loyola) and Amy (Kristy Dawn Dinsmore) are getting married. Or at least that's what all the Save the Dates have been saying.

Because like most grooms contemplating that long walk down the aisle, Jay's having some doubts. For one, his parents are stuck in transit in Florida, and might not even be able to make it in time. Not that Amy seems to have any sympathy for their plight, as she won't even consider pushing the wedding back a few hours.

That plus she made her ex-boyfriend Sean from high school her man of honor, and he's way taller than Jay, so there's that.

Also, lest we forget, open-carry, pro-fracking champion Mayor Bowman (Miranda Frigon) is still up for re-election in a very tight race. At the Green Mile Retirement Home polling facility, things have started to really heat up (aside from global warming), as a group of climate activists has gathered at the entrance to protest the mayor's commitment to Cleargenix and their fracking project.

After casting her own ballot, Bowman attempts to head home and wait out the rest of the race in peace, but wanders right into the act of civil disobedience. One man in particular spares no harsh words for Bowman, and even brought a visual aid to help get his point across: a jar of water polluted by Cleargenix's runoff.

To avoid any further altercations with the crowd, Bowman, her assistant Nicole (Caitlin Stryker), and her husband Trey (Christopher Russell) scurry back inside the retirement home. They didn't expect, however, that the same outspoken activist would follow them inside to continue the argument. And when he reaches into his jacket to retrieve the jar of polluted water, Trey, who thinks the guy's pulling a gun, unholsters Amy's pistol and shoots the guy. Dead.

This could potentially sway some voters.

As if Mayor Bowman didn't already have enough to worry about, her 18-year-old son Luke (Daniel Doheny) and his friend Trent (Trezzo Mahoro) have been driving around all morning looking for booze to bring a minors-only party by the lake out in the woods of Mawinhaken. After finally getting their hands on a keg, they ditch the car and end up rolling the container through the forest. Surely it'll be worth all this trouble, right?

Maybe, if they can find the happening. But the forest seems dead — probably in more ways than one, and there's not a trace of human revelers (of legal drinking age or otherwise) anywhere. Where could they all be? Well, the zombie peeking its head out from the nearby lake might have some idea...

Jay has arrived at the venue, the Mawinhaken golf club, two hours before the guests are set to arrive, giving himself just enough time to try on his suit and get it nice and sweaty. But before he gets the chance, he runs into his future father-in-law Herb, who demands they play a round of nine before the big moment.

Jay is not really in a place to protest. Not only did Herb pay for the wedding, but the father of the bride also brought Jay on to his practice, and is not about to ease up on him just because he's becoming part of the family. In fact, out on the links, Herb hands Jay a prenup agreement and demands that he sign; then he hops in his golf cart and drives away, leaving Jay stranded on the fairway.

In a fit of pique, he hurls Herb's driver into the woods (it wasn't doing his swing much good anyway), and he follows it in there to retrieve it. When he does, he finds more than just the driver and some lost Titleists: There's a zombie back there chowing down on some fresh meat. Jay, a doctor who swore a Hippocratic oath to help the sick and needy, takes off like a bat out of hell.

Back at the retirement home, the Bowmans and Nicole have decided that it's in the best interest of Mawinhaken, and their personal political futures, to hide the dead body there until at least after the election so as not to be outed as felons. (And as far as hiding a corpse, there aren't many better places to do it than a retirement home, which is filled with either dead or dying people anyway.)

So Trey wheels a speechless, motionless, disguised "dad" into the recreation room to vegetate in front of the TV with some of the other geriatrics, and ditches him there.

But something tells us he won't stick around to watch the end of the film. He's back from the dead, and probably hungry.