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DC Comics announces 'Milestone Returns' event, teases Static Shock movie at DC FanDome

By Matthew Jackson
Milestone Returns

It's been decades since Milestone Comics ended its original run, and while some of those foundational characters from the legendary company have made their way into the DC Universe in recent years, fans have been waiting a long time for a full-fledged return to the Milestone world. Now, at last, we know that it's coming, and it's just months away. 

DC Comics announced Saturday during the DC FanDome event that Milestone's classic characters, along with some brand-new creations, will be revived for Milestone Returns, a publishing initiative featuring a new digital series, a new graphic novel, re-releases of classic Milestone comics, and more. 

Milestone Returns

It all begins on September 12, during the second day of DC FanDome, when fans will be given 24 hours to read a digital comic titled Milestone Returns Zero, meant as an introductory chapter for newer readers and a refresher for longtime Milestone fans. The Milestone resurgence will then continue in February 2021, when a new digital-first series starring beloved Milestone hero Static Shock will debut. The Static Shock digital series will then be followed up by a new Static Shock graphic novel written by Reggie Hudlin and drawn by Kyle Baker, as well as a new Milestone series starring the characters Icon and Rocket, drawn by Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan.

For a larger preview of Milestone Returns Zero, check out the DC Comics blog.

Cowan and Hudlin were on-hand at FanDome Saturday to announce the news alongside moderator Marc Bernardin, DC Publisher Jim Lee, and Static Shock voice actor Phil LaMarr. 

"I gotta tell you the stories that I'm writing and Denys Cowan is drawing are unbelievable," Hudlin said.

But what about the classic Milestone stories, the ones from the early years of the publisher that made fans fall in love in the first place? According to Lee, those beloved books will be made available digitally for the first time beginning this year, with new titles popping up through digital venues like ComiXology each month in the lead-up to the February debut of the new Static Shock book.

But comics aren't the only place we can expect to see the return of Milestone. After all, the company was named "Milestone Media," and Hudlin said the creators plan to use every possible entertainment venue they can to get their characters in front of fans, including "serioius" talks about a Static Shock feature film, TV, podcasts, and more.

“One of the things we’re really excited about, we really want to live up to the name of the company, Milestone Media,” said Hudlin. “When we spoke to Jim [Lee] about reviving the Milestone line, we said ‘Look, we all know this has been a hit comic book and hit animated series. It’s time to expand back into all those areas and then some.’ So we’re in serious conversations about, as we’re launching the comic book series, developing the ‘Static Shock’ movie. That will be a theatrical feature film.

“What we’re talking about is unbelievable,” Hudlin continued. “We’re also talking to all the other divisions of Warner, for example, the animation department. They make those amazing animated feature films for home entertainment. And we’re talking about doing one of those feature films involving the Milestone characters. We’re also looking at new media, like podcasts, and doing a serious of stories that will be available on podcasts.

”You know what, we will deliver Milestone Media wherever you are, on whatever platform you want. We'll find appropriate stories and get them wherever you want to consume them."

Milestone Media was founded in 1993 by Cowan, Dwayne McDuffie, Michael Davis, and Derek Dingle, and though its original comics only ran for a few years, its focus on diversity and inclusion for Black creators and characters and beyond made a huge impact the entire industry still feels today. Now, a new generation will get the chance to enjoy Milestone's world, and new creators will get to make their mark. 

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