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SYFY WIRE Deadpool 2

Deadpool wishes Betty White a Happy Birthday in loving Deadpool fashion

By Shana O'Neil

Like so many of us, Deadpool has a deep love for actress Betty White and the Golden Girls and he's taken some time out of his day to send a special message to the 96-year-old legend who may be the only woman out there who can drink him under the table.

Deadpool seems to have a deep love of pop culture icons. He recently wished Zayn Malick a happy birthday and he's named his katanas Bea and Arthur in honor of the actress and his beloved Golden Girls. Once again, the Deadpool 2 team and Ryan Reynolds are killing it in the marketing department. 

Part of Deadpool's adoration of White likely stems from a long friendship between the actress and Reynolds, who worked together in The Proposal. Of course, how could you not love Betty White? We hope she lives another 96 years. Protect Betty at all costs!

(via THR)