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Deep Blue Sea 3 teases climate change-crazed bull sharks and a head-butting great white named Sally

By Vanessa Armstrong
Deep Blue Sea 3

Sharks continue to terrorize us, and many fans are here for it. Deep Blue Sea — the 1999 cult-favorite where super-smart sharks eat Samuel L. Jackson — is one of the most iconic shark-related films out there, and Deep Blue Sea 3, the next installment in the franchise, builds on this legacy by taking a slightly different twist on the two films before it.

Those interested in learning more about the movie, which is set for digital release on July 28, got a chance to learn more during the film’s Comic-Con@Home panel. During the 50-minute virtual event, moderator (and Sharknado franchise director) Anthony C. Ferrante talked with Deep Blue Sea 3's cast and creative team, including actors Tania Raymonde (Lost, Goliath), Nathaniel Buzolic (The Vampire Diaries, Hacksaw Ridge), Emerson Brooks (“Shaw” MacGyver), Bren Foster (“Lucas”, The Last Ship), Japanese star Reina Aoi, director John Pogue (The Quiet Ones) and screenwriter Dirk Blackman (Outlander) about their experience making the movie and what the audience is in store for.

In addition to the participants engaging discussion about the film, the panel also showcased a few scenes from the movie, including a run-in with a great white named Sally and a pack of exceptionally vicious bull sharks.

Check out the full panel, including clips from Deep Blue Sea 3 here:

Screenwriter Dirk Blackman kicked off the panel by explaining his idea for setting the third installment in the shark franchise someplace else than an underwater lab. He came up with an idea of having a small island that was sinking because of climate change. "That sounded really good because, among other things, we could bring in global warming and make it a little topical," he recounted. 

The first shared clip from the film gives us an overview of Blackman's abandoned fictional island, a place called Little Happy that director John Pogue brought to life. In the scene, we follow Emma (Tania Raymonde) as she shows the half-sunk village and makes a reference to a nursery just offshore.

We find out in the next clip, however, that it’s a nursery for…sharks! Great whites, to be specific. Emma and some others are researching them, and she's become so familiar with the group that she has an understanding with the lead shark mama, who she has named Sally. Don’t let Sally’s pleasant name fool you, however—she’s not a fish to trifle with, as Emma’s companion finds out the hard way when she head-butts him underwater.

We also find out in the panel, however, that Sally isn’t the only shark in this film. Sally might even be “the good guy,” in fact, as a group of what I’m guessing are wildlife bounty hunters are tracking a frenzy of extremely violent bull sharks who have become aggressive because of climate change (okay...I’ll go with it). These bull sharks are no joke, and we find out in a later clip that they likely destroy the great white nursery at some point (Sally’s fate, however, remains unclear but I’m guessing it’s not good).

In the last clip, we finally see the bull sharks in action – they’re attacking a boat that Emma and the wildlife bounty hunters are trapped on. Will they all make it? If we go on the precedent set in the first two films, probably not! The good news is we only have to wait a few days to find out.  

Deep Blue Sea 3 is set for release on digital starting July 28, and Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD on August 25. You can also check out the trailer for the movie below.

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