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Development: DC Super Hero Girls powers up; Frozen 2 ices a record; more

By Benjamin Bullard
DC Super Hero Girls via official YouTube 2019

We’ve been watching and waiting to see how DC Super Hero Girls would make the long-awaited transition from its popular YouTube haunts over to Cartoon Network, and now we’ve finally got our first look with the TV series’ just-released, powered-up new trailer.

Warner Bros. and DC are kicking off the refreshed series on March 8 with DC Super Hero Girls: Sweet Justice, a standalone movie meant to set up the show’s new look and feel while acquainting newcomers with the stresses of superhero (and supervillain) life in the locker-lined hallways of Metropolis’ local school. Speaking of that new look, here it is:

Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl may be the glue that holds this girl-powered hero clique together, but their run through the hallways of justice would be pretty lonely without both the good and bad girls (and guys) in the whole DC gang. Harley Quinn’s here, as are Poison Ivy, Katana, Bumblebee, Catwoman, Starfire, and lots more, with tons of “guest” appearances in store from the wider constellation of DC heroes and baddies.

Diana’s got her lasso around us, and we can’t lie: This show indeed looks pretty sweet. Tune in to Cartoon Network when DC Super Hero Girls: Sweet Justice arrives on March 8, then settle in for new weekly episodes of DC Super Hero Girls, beginning at 4 p.m. ET on March 17.

Wait — were we just talking about trailers? No one ices the record books like Disney, and the new trailer for Frozen 2 just shattered Planet Earth's all-time most-watched animated trailer title (yes, that’s a thing), with a reported 116.4 million people tuning in to chill with Elsa, across all platforms, during the clip’s first 24 hours online.

Via THR, Frozen 2 skated right past the 24-hour record previously set by another animated Disney film: Incredibles 2, which racked up a still-amazing 113.6 million views when it debuted back in 2017.

Don’t know what all the Frozen fuss is about? Cast an icy stare at Disney’s teaser, then grab your blankie (and, most likely, your hankie, too): Frozen 2 lets go in theaters starting Nov. 22.

Finally, if you’re a Tremors movie fan who’s still shaken by SYFY’s decision not to expand last year’s pilot episode into a full-fledged, rebooted TV series, consider this a small bit of better-late-than-never news.

Selected clips from the unaired pilot, which starred Tremors veteran Kevin Bacon, will emerge from underground to have their moment in the spotlight thanks to a panel slated for this summer’s ATX Television Festival.

Indiewire reports that the whole episode won’t be shown, but at least fans will be treated to “a few glimpses of the show,” as well as a panel chat with the episode’s creative and cast, “including Andrew Miller, Jessica Rhoades, Toks Olagundoye, P.J. Byrne, and Haley Tju” — though sadly, there’s no mention of Bacon.

This year’s  ATX Television Festival will be held June 6-9 in Austin, Texas.