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Disney offers a new peek inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, with new entrance details

By Carlye Wisel
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Concept Art- Falcon landing at Black Spire Disney Parks

That Galaxy is not so far, far away any longer.

Reporters were given the very first peek behind the curtain — well, meticulously-designed rockwork — of the east coast Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this week as part of the park’s 30th Anniversary celebration.

Plenty of details remain under wraps, but prepare yourself to be wowed. The much-anticipated Star Wars-themed land is nothing if not enormous, and the experience of entering is all-encompassing. You won't feel like you're walking into a section of a theme park; you’ll feel like you're in an entirely new park of its own— and that's before stepping foot into the Millennium Falcon's cockpit. (Goosebumps are an understatement.)

Though Galaxy's Edge opens at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida three months later than Disneyland in California, Batuu is coming together nicely. From weathered light poles to droid tracks embedded in the aged walkways, each detail makes the far-flung planet feel like it’s been there forever, even if many of its trees have not yet been planted.

Galaxy's Edge is often touted as Disney's biggest single-land expansion ever and it shows. When looking across the 14-acre land from the park's Grand Avenue entrance — where the ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be located when it opens later this year — you cannot see beyond the marketplace. That makes the reveal of the shops, stalls and fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy a bonus jaw-dropper once stepping foot inside the land.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance may be a lengthy indoor ride, but we did get a look inside the attraction that no other guests will ever see. A large, conical metal ship hangar that will soon be concealed from public view stood boldly out in the open, further reinforcing the sheer size of the attraction. Its possible the behemoth prop is part of the attraction's first segment, where guests board a ship piloted by Nien Nunb to take on a Star Destroyer, but whether it comes before or after a face-to-face visit from Kylo Ren is still to be determined.

There were no further details on merch, lightsabers or design-your-own droids from beyond Star Wars Celebration last month, but plenty will be revealed in the coming weeks, prior to Galaxy's Edge opening May 31 in California. Stay tuned for our first look at the park later this month.