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Forky sets out to answer big questions and Pixar comes to the real world in new Disney+ teasers

By Josh Weiss
Forky Disney+ series

With the launch of Disney+ just visible over the horizon (Tuesday, Nov. 12), the Mouse House is really trying to ramp up excitement for the subscription streaming service that will soon go head-to-head with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV+. Today, the focus has been placed on the Pixar creations available on the impending family-friendly platform.

For example, we now have our first glimpse of the Forky-centric series inspired by Toy Story 4's breakout arts and crafts character voiced by Tony Hale. Forky Asks a Question consists of 10 short films in which the garbage-loving spork asks and answers life's biggest mysteries like "What is time?" and "What is cheese?"

While Woody (Tom Hanks) is off on adventures with Bo Peep (Annie Potts), we'll still get plenty of appearances from Bonnie's other toys like Rex (Wallace Shawn), Hamm (John Ratzenberger), and Buttercup (Jeff Garlin).

After 21 features released across 24 years, Pixar is finally bringing its beloved cinematic creations into the real world via a reality series entitled Pixar IRL (an acronym that stands for "In Real Life").

What would happen if agents of the Child Detection Agency (Monsters, Inc.) quarantined a piece of kid's clothing or a young boy claiming to be Dash Parr (The Incredibles) asked you to time his super-speedy jog around a building? The Impractical Jokers-style premise allows for all kinds of wacky hijinks to ensure as everyone from Russell (Up), to Hank the Octopus (Finding Dory) makes the jump to live-action.

Lastly, all six shorts from Pixar's widely-publicized SparkShorts program (e.g. Purl, KitbullSmash and Grab) will be free to stream on Disney+. Adopting all different kinds of visual art styles, these bite-sized animated features came from an initiative to discover up-and-coming storytellers and experiment with different production workflows.

You can learn more about all the SparkShort projects right here.

Forky Asks a Question, Pixar IRL, and all six SparkShort films are scheduled to debut with Disney+ on Nov. 12.