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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: The High Republic

Disney Publishing unveils first details of Star Wars: The High Republic Phase II, 'Quest of the Jedi'

The next era of The High Republic's epic story journeys more than a century into the past.

By Matthew Jackson
Star Wars The High Republic PRESS

Last year, Disney Publishing launched Star Wars: The High Republic, an epic, multi-creator saga that chronicles the adventures of Jedi and beyond in a time when the Galactic Republic was thriving, 200 years before the dark times of the Clone Wars brought an end to Republic rule and ushered in the Age of the Empire. Now, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The High Republic, Disney and Lucasfilm Publishing are unveiling the first details of the second phase of the saga, dubbed Quest of the Jedi

Like the first phase, Light of the Jedi, the second phase of The High Republic will take a multi-pronged storytelling approach, delivering both novels and comic books for adult and young readers alike from a talented and growing roster of authors. In High Republic Anniversary Special video on the Star Wars YouTube channel Tuesday, we learned that Quest of the Jedi will feature returning talents like Cavan ScottDaniel José Older, Justina Ireland, Claudia Gray, Charles Soule, and more, along with four new authors joining The High Republic team. From left to right in the graphic below, the new authors are Lydia Kang, Tessa Gratton, Zoraida Córdova, and George Mann. 

Star Wars The High Republic PRESS

Though we don't yet know what the full slate for Quest of the Jedi will bring, Disney did reveal Tuesday that the stories in Phase II won't be direct sequels to Light of the Jedi and its many interconnected narratives. Instead, they'll be prequels, taking us back another 150 years in The High Republic era to explore more of the Republic's heyday. We also got a teaser trailer for the entire line, which you can check out below.

In terms of titles releasing in Phase II, we know that Ireland and Gratton will collaborate on the first young adult title in Phase II, while Older will be writing the first Star Wars Adventures all-ages graphic novel to be released under the new Dark Horse Comics license. Meanwhile, both Scott and Soule will be returning to Marvel Comics for new series exploring the characters and story of Quest of the Jedi. Scott will once again take the helm of a Marvel Comics ongoing High Republic series, while Soule will take on another Marvel book exploring the past of Porter Engle, the Jedi Master turned cook we met during The High Republic: Light of the Jedi.

Disney also released concept art for the Porter Engle project, featuring the character in what looks like some very imposing Jedi garb. Check it out below:

Star Wars The High Republic PRESS

Sadly, we don't yet know what other key figures in Quest of the Jedi are doing, but we'll likely find out more soon enough. Star Wars: The High Republic - Quest of the Jedi is set to launch in October 2022.