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An-ni-mate! Doctor Who's Daleks getting their own limited short series

By Nivea Serrao
Still of Dalek from BBC's Daleks!

Get ready to see the Daleks as you've never seen them before: in CGI animation! 

BBC Studios announced today that the iconic Doctor Who villains will be getting their own animated series as part of the franchise's ongoing Time Lord Victorious event. It will be the final instalment of the multiplatform story that ties in multiple Doctors, while telling standalone-yet-interconnected stories across various mediums including novels, comics, audio dramas, toys, and more. 

Titled, Daleks!, the limited series will consist of five ten-minute episodes that will launch on the Doctor Who YouTube channel, with each part available to watch for free. You can get a feel for the show's animation in the teaser trailer below. 

The short series will see the titular aliens come up against an ancient and deadly force while plundering the Archive of Islos, resulting in their home planet of Skaro coming under attack and prompting the Dalek Emperor to go on the run. With no one else to come to their aid, it will be up to the Daleks themselves to face this new adversary and retake their planet — possibly even teaming up with an old time-and-space-travelling enemy in the process! 

This isn't the first time one of Time Lord Victorious' instalments has focused on the Daleks within the wider tale, with a previous teaser for the storytelling experience revealing a Dalek vowing to put itself back together and warn the universe about the "evils" of the Doctor himself. 

As it turns out, this warning might be needed as the event takes place during a time when the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) has declared himself the "Time Lord Victorious," having taken on Death itself and won. This of course, causes not only his previous companions to get involved (Billie Piper returning as Rose Tyler), but also forces his past selves to do something, with the Eighth and Ninth Doctors (Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston, respectively) also being roped in to help save the world and the wider universe.  

Daleks! Time Lord Victorious series poster

Daleks! is written by James Goss, and was created by Studio Liddle. It is a BBC Studios Digital Production. Lending their voices to the series are Nicholas Briggs (Doctor Who's voice of the Daleks himself), Joe Sugg (YouTube's ThatcherJoe), Anjili Mohindra (The Sarah Jane Adventures), and Ayesha Antoine (Holby City).  

"This latest, fantastic, thrill-packed venture into the world of animation, with the Daleks as the stars of the show, is something so many of us have been craving for years," said Briggs in a statement. "And for me, it’s been a marvelous challenge, as usual playing every single Dalek in action, but with the added excitement of portraying some beautifully written, leading Dalek characters. It’s been a blast, and I can’t wait to see the finished production." 

Daleks! will premiere on YouTube in November, where it can be watched for free. Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious is currently underway in the U.S. and Canada.