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SYFY WIRE Doctor Who

WIRE Buzz: Time Lord Victorious' evil Doctor Who teaser; AMC and Regal opening wider

By Nivea Serrao
Dalek in Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious

Live long enough and you might just become the villain — at least that's what the new teaser from Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious seems to suggest. It features an adrift Dalek, one of the Doctor's most fearsome foes, resolving to not just put itself back together, but to also warn the universe about the Doctor at his most "evil" and fearsome.  

The upcoming multi-platform storytelling experience, which will feature all forms of Doctor Who media besides the TV series (i.e. audio dramas, comics, novels, games, toys, and more) will revolve around a specific time during the Tenth Doctor's (David Tennant) tenure, when he declared himself the titular "Time Lord Victorious" and travelled so far back in time that he took on Death itself and won, thus bringing on terrible consequences for everyone. Things are bad enough that two of his past selves have to get involved — Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston returning as the Eighth and Ninth Doctors respectively — as well as former companions like Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). They'll need to figure out a way to take down Ten in his current form, perhaps even leading to a team-up with a certain aforementioned Dalek? 

Rest assured this isn't some kind of MCU-like experience where fans will need to track each new release over the next few months; according to James Goss, the BBC producer at the heart of this particular project, each title is designed to be a standalone story that fans can enjoy. It's just that each of these stories can also be connected to others to form a wider story. 

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious launches Sept. 2 in the U.S. and Canada. 

Following a months-long shut down due to the current coronavirus pandemic, AMC Theatres' re-opening plan continues to roll forward, with The Wrap reporting that the company is now aiming to open approximately 420 locations across the U.S. by Thursday, Sept. 4 — including seven in San Diego County. 

This is in accordance with California Governor Gavin Newsom's recently implemented reopening system which allows the reopening of certain businesses if counties are able to lower the rate of COVID-19 infection below a specific threshold. San Diego is currently at the second level, and thus can open cinemas for a maximum audience capacity of 25%. 

New Jersey theaters will follow the same plan for all 80 of its theaters, as allowed to by Governor Phil Murphy, despite experts and health officials advising otherwise

AMC has announced a list of precautions they'll be taking to keep customers safe, including requiring customers to wear masks (except while eating), and repeatedly cleaning and disinfecting high traffic area. They've also started placing buffer seats between groups of audience members. 

According to Deadline's reporting, it appears that Regal Cinemas is following AMC's lead, with the company reopening theaters in New Jersey, Maryland and California — more specifically, the counties of San Diego, El Dorado, and Sonora. Two locations in Anchorage, Alaska will also be reopening. 

Regal kicked off its reopening plans two weeks ago, with 55% of their locations open by this last weekend. The new reopenings in Maryland will see theaters capped at 50% capacity, and unable to exceed more than 100 people. 

And while many upcoming releases have decided to forego a theatrical premiere for premium video on demand, there are new films currently playing in reopened theaters, including the long, long-awaited The New Mutants, and, opening wide this weekend, Christopher Nolan's Tenet.