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Does Oppenheimer Have a Post-Credit Sequence?

Before you sit through the credits of Nolan’s three-hour movie, it’s perhaps worth learning ahead of time whether or not Oppenheimer has a post-credits sequence.

By James Grebey

When the first nuclear bomb went off in the New Mexico desert, it was the beginning of the atomic era. Moviegoers, no doubt trained by other big blockbusters, might be forgiven for expecting Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s new biopic about the man behind the bomb, to also be the beginning of something — or at least to have a post-credit sequence. 

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So, before you sit through the credits and stay till the very end of Nolan’s three-hour movie, it’s perhaps worth learning ahead of time whether or not Oppenheimer has a post-credits sequence.

Does Oppenheimer have a post-credit scene?


Why Not?

The ending of Oppenheimer is perhaps the most powerful part of the entire movie. Without spoiling exactly what happens, just know that it is a heavy ending that will likely keep you stunned in your seat. In interviews ahead of the film’s premiere, Nolan talked about how shaken early viewers were upon the conclusion of the film. All three hours of the movie and the two timelines converge in this moment that recontextualizes much of what we saw before and will probably leave audiences feeling dread about the future. Nolan carefully, masterfully orchestrated everything that came before for this one emotional moment. To undo that with a post-credits scene — a “secret” bonus ending or tease — would undermine what came before. 

And, frankly, what would that post-credits scene even be? Edward Teller (Benny Safdie) getting an idea for an even bigger bomb than the atomic bomb? The development of the H-bomb and the implications of its use are plot points in the movie itself. There’s really nothing that a post-credits scene could add in this instance. 

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Post-credits scenes are most common in big franchise movies, especially superhero movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t invent post-credts scenes, but ever since Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury stepped out of the shadows and invited Iron Man to join the Avengers Initiative, that’s what people have expected. Nolan directed three massive superhero movies, the second of which, 2008’s The Dark Knight, came out the same year as Iron Man. None of those had post-credit scenes. In fact, none of his movies have, and Oppenheimer is no exception. 

When Oppenheimer first cuts to the credits, it has already said what it set out to say. There is simply no need for a post-credits sequence. 

(Oh, and while you’re here, the other notable movie that opened the same weekend as Oppenheimer doesn’t have a post-credits sequence either.)

Oppenheimer is now in theaters. 

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