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SYFY WIRE James Bond

James Bond swaps sides in Dynamite's new 007 superspy comic 'Agent of SPECTRE'

By Jeff Spry

In a rousing new superspy series that will leave you both shaken and stirred, Dynamite Entertainment is serving up James Bond: Agent of SPECTRE next month to legions of 007 fans thirsting for the British agent's next daring adventure — and SYFY WIRE is delivering an exclusive look at the explosive premiere issue.

Here The New York Times bestselling author and Hollywood screenwriter Christos Gage (Daredevil, The Breed) takes on Bond for the first time and teams up with artist Luca Casalanguida (James Bond: Hammerhead, Lost Soldiers).

Arriving in comic shops March 3, this bold ongoing title finds the dashing MI6 legend recruited into Ernst Stavro Blofeld's international terrorist organization to finish off an internal power struggle that might spell doomsday for Earth. 


"I don't think anyone will be surprised to hear that James Bond isn't joining SPECTRE because he suddenly thinks they're wonderful," Gage tells SYFY WIRE. "He's being coerced, AND he's got a plan to strike at them from within. But can he dwell among monsters long enough to see his plan through without becoming a monster himself?"

The plotline finds a complicated civil war brewing within SPECTRE, with an upstart American member of the notorious criminal ring attempting a dangerous coup to usurp Blofeld's reign. She's on her guard against Blofeld's henchmen, so to eliminate her out, Blofeld recruits a wild card - James Bond!

With Blofeld blackmailing Bond using his good friend and fellow spymaster Felix Leiter as leverage, Bond reluctantly agrees to the task. But he hatches a clever plan to use this internal friction to bring SPECTRE down once and for all. Will he succeed, or will Bond be stuck on a dark path he'll never recover from?

bond slice 1

In addition to his acclaimed television work, Gage has also lent his talents to many Marvel projects like Superior Spider-Man and Civil War: House of M, but this is his initial venture into the world of Sir Ian Fleming and he's having an absolute blast with Bond.

"The genesis of the story came when editor Matt Idelson suggested doing something with SPECTRE and Blofeld," Gage adds. "I also found something very intriguing in the idea of a civil war within SPECTRE that makes uneasy allies of Bond and Blofeld as they face Titania Jones, a new character who is an up-and-comer making a bid for control of the organization. In what ways are Bond and Blofeld alike, and different? What happens when they're forced to fight side by side?" 

bond slice 2

Gage was also taken by the notion of using the original version of Blofeld from the Ian Fleming novels, who is definitely a physical threat for Bond as well as a mental one.

"As far as putting my stamp on it, I'm certainly not trying to redefine the James Bond character or franchise - they work quite well already, as the last sixty or so years prove," notes Gage. "But I guess I am exploring themes I've personally found interesting before in projects like G.I. Joe: Cobra - the notion that he who fights monsters risks becoming one.

"That's why Luca's art is absolutely perfect for a story like this; it's moody, noir, yet action-packed. I am a huge fan of what he's done in the past with Bond. To me, Luca and Bond are a perfect marriage of artist and character. Of course, being a James Bond story, there's tons of action as well, and I had a blast researching tech like guns that shoot around corners and tactical suits that give the wearers enhanced strength and durability. Hopefully there's something here for 007 fans of every stripe!"

bond slice 3

Now infiltrate our five-page peek at Dynamite's James Bond: Agent of SPECTRE #1, with a main cover by Steve Epting (The Avengers, Captain America), in the full gallery below.