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The Empire Strips Back burlesque parody is bringing saucy Stormtroopers to a city near you

By Adam Pockross

If you love Star Wars, but always thought it needed more skin, get ready, because The Empire Strips Back burlesque parody is coming to a stateside city near you.

Likely much to the dismay of some folks at family-friendly Disney, which owns the franchise but has nothing to do with The Empire Strips Back, “saucy Stormtroopers” will be part of a “rousing” new North American tour of the Australian show started by Russall S. Beattie back in 2011, according to an official announcement. And they’ve got a new trailer to entice you, replete with midriff-baring Imperial Guards, Greedo in a makeup chair applying Aqua Net, and the most lonely-looking Yoda we’ve ever laid a tearful eye on.

Check it out:

"Once you start stripping off the armour, the rest really takes care of itself," Beattie told SYFY WIRE when asked what makes a Stormtrooper saucy.

Well, at least they didn’t try to make Yoda sexy. But in the trailer, why is he sitting all alone in the theater listening to a cover of David Bowie’s “Star Man”? Is he just there hours ahead of everyone else at the burlesque parody? Just champing at the bit to see some saucy Stormtrooper action? 

We had a chance to find out what all the risqué fun is all about when the highly unauthorized show was in L.A. last summer; it was certainly a night to remember. And starting later this month, in cities across the nation (kicking off March 30 in San Diego and running through May 4 in New York City), you too can find out what happens when droids finally bring sexy back.

What, that trailer and our backstage report weren’t enough to entice you? OK, how about this blurb from the press release, describing the show: “Combining striptease, song and dance, troupe routines, and plenty of humor, audiences are transported into the world of burlesque to witness a menacing troop of seriously sexy Stormtroopers, a dangerously seductive Boba Fett, tantalizing Twi'leks, a delightfully lukewarm Taun Taun, a lady-like Skywalker, and of course, scantily clad and daring Droids. Even Darth Vader will explore her feminine side with a fantastical twist.”

If that sounds a little bit off book, worry not, True Fans, for this show is still for you. "Star Wars fans will get a huge kick out of the show because it takes everything you love as a kid with the films and combines them with the best things about being an adult," said Beattie.

So yeah, if you’ve been dreaming of what 3PO would look like less clad, then head to for all the pertinent info. May the Force be with you, and God.

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