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Engage! Patrick Stewart on how Star Trek: Picard reflects the present in the future


In 2002, Patrick Stewart seemingly said goodbye to his beloved character, Jean-Luc Picard, in Star Trek: Nemesis. However, Jean-Luc will go back to the cold of space in Star Trek: Picard when it premieres on CBS All Access on January 23.

Stewart has made no secret about his unwillingness to simply repeat the stories from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It took a lot to change his mind, but Stewart also saw the dramatic possibilities of making the new series a reflection of the present.

"What was important to me was the knowledge that the last 19 years have brought about such significant changes in our world, on our planet," said Stewart. "And for me in my life as I've gotten older and older during that time. I talked with Akiva [Goldsman] and Alex [Kurtzman], and Kirsten [Beyer] about the way in which we could perhaps let these contemporary situations just touch on us."

Akiva Goldsman and Michael Chabon noted that Stewart pointedly rejected their initial pitch for Star Trek: Picard. Regardless, they pressed on and ultimately won Stewart over.

"I think our redoubling our efforts, the thought that went into it, our willingness to move and shape the narrative based on [Stewart's] knowledge of the character and all of our desires in the wake of Logan to take a sort of postmodern view of an iconic character," noted Goldsman. "Especially one we loved so much at a time where the central thesis of Star Trek couldn't be more useful and necessary. I think that was sort of an invitation to come play, and we fooled him. Now, off we've been playing."

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