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SYFY WIRE Ghostbusters

Everything you didn't know about The Real Ghostbusters


Thirty-five years ago, the first Ghostbusters film became an instant classic. But for a generation of kids, The Real Ghostbusters animated series was their gateway into a surprisingly dark and horrific universe... at least for the first few seasons.

In the latest edition of SYFY WIRE’s Everything You Didn’t Know, we’re looking back at The Real Ghostbusters. For example, do you know why they’re called the “Real” Ghostbusters? It’s because they weren’t the first busters of ghosts! Filmation had a live-action kids TV show called The Ghost Busters. It featured two paranormal investigators who teamed up with a gorilla (go ahead and let that sink in). Filmation even capitalized on the Ghostbusters’ cinematic success with an animated sequel series to their own show. Thus, in 1986, fans saw the debut of Filmation’s Ghostbusters just a few days before The Real Ghostbusters hit TV screens.

Naturally, viewers gravitated towards the Ghostbusters that they recognized from the big screen. The early seasons also boasted an impressive lineup of writers, including J. Michael Straczynski, who went on to create Babylon 5. However, the network eventually retooled the series with a more kid-friendly take focused on Slimer. Straczynski and several of his fellow writers left, and the tone of the show was noticeably changed. 

Regardless of the behind-the-scenes creative turmoil, The Real Ghostbusters was one of the rare licensed shows that fully fleshed out its world. It even made some very amusing references to the film, and the actors who portrayed them on screen. There was also a sequel animated series, called Extreme Ghostbusters. But the original show was still the best, at least before Slimer took center stage.

Additionally, we got our hands on a vast number of Real Ghostbusters inspired action figures. But to see our collection, and hear more facts about the show, you’ll have to check out the full video!