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EXCLUSIVE: Pyromaniac on the loose in fiery clip from NBC’s paranormal thriller The InBetween

By Trent Moore
The InBetween NBC.JPG

The NBC paranormal thriller The InBetween is midway through its first season, and let’s just say things are starting to get hot this week — literally. SYFY WIRE has an exclusive first look at tonight’s new episode, which finds a pyromaniac on the loose.

This exclusive clip from tonight’s episode finds Cassie getting a firsthand look at a pyromaniac’s handiwork thanks to her psychic abilities. It’s a wild scene, as Cassie’s car essentially explodes and melts around her within a vision, including her poor bobblehead. The rest of the episode tracks Tom and Damien racing to stop the aforementioned serial pyromaniac before he can strike again, while Cassie looks into something nefarious about the new bartender at work.

The series follows a young woman with psychic abilities (Harriet Dyer as Cassie Bedford) who teams up with authorities to solve murders using her connection to communicate with the dead. Critics have largely been digging it, and the show is shaping up to be a compelling genre diversion during the long summer months. Oh, and for Arrow fans, one bit of interest — this is where longtime Arrow regular Paul Blackthorne landed after leaving the super-series. So if you’ve been missing Capt. Lance, this is a fun one.

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think:

The InBetween airs Wednesday nights on NBC.