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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Fans want to know the Star Wars: Episode IX title so bad they've started making up their own

By Brian Silliman
Star Wars Episode IX

Supposedly, the title reveal for Star Wars: Episode IX is right around the corner. According to some fan rumors, we're supposed to already have it ... but we don't. Some fans expected it during the Super Bowl, and it didn't happen. Others expected it during one of Bob Iger's shareholder calls, and it wasn't dropped there either. There was a rumor that The Star Wars Show didn't premiere last week because they were going to premiere this week with the title ... the episode came, but no title was revealed.

What is Twitter to do about this situation? Start making up their own titles, of course — a lot of titles.

A Hutt load of speculation kicked off thanks to the following graphic from Lights, Camera, Pod — aside from sharing that the title would drop on February 5 (it didn't), it invited fans to think of what the final (?) installment in the Skywalker saga will be called. The tweet reads, "With rumors dropping of the 'Star Wars: Episode IX' title POSSIBLY dropping today, what do you think the title will be?"

Fans wasted no time. 

One user tweeted a graphic that fuses two previous titles together to create Star Wars: Return of the Sith. Seems unlikely.

User Howard Beck tweeted the following, proffering that the title could be "Yoda's (Boring) Afterlife," complete with a van that offers window-based services in Yoda-speak.

Of course, one user broke out a classic Spaceballs joke, tweeting that the title would be Star Wars: The Search for More Money. Merchandising, merchandising!

Another fan who has clearly had enough of the never-ending backlash about Star Wars: The Last Jedi tweeted the title could literally be Star Wars: The Last Jedi Was Good.

The Iger call was brought up by one user, remarking how Episode IX: The Shareholder's Phone Call didn't do it for them.

Lucasfilm "brand whisperer" Pablo Hidalgo (though he's so much more than that) finally got in on the action, asking why everyone thought the title was coming. He wrote, "Out of curiosity, why do people think it's today?"

When Hidalgo realized that the expectation was based on a scheduled call (and that fans were actually paying attention to a shareholders' call) he understood:

He then retweeted a possible idea from user Gerard Baer, which is probably our favorite theory of them all: Star Wars: A Star Wars Story.

Hidalgo wasn't the only Lucasfilm employee to get in on the fun, as Andi Gutierrez (co-host of The Star Wars Show, Celebration stage hostmuch much more) tweeted a classic: "What if the real Episode IX title was the friends we made along the way? #SWTFWMATW"

At this point, however, things had already gotten out of hand ... a couple of days prior, one user wrote that the title of the film is the title of the last song you listened to.

This drew many, many responses, and it's still going. Here's a sampling of the chaos that was bred:

(Just for the record, our version was Star Wars: Fargo, North Dakota.)

All of the jokes and guessing come in the midst of a rumored title that some fans on Reddit claim appeared in the code of Lucasfilm's website. Comic Book Resources ran down the entire sequence of events, but the long and short of it is that many fans now believe that the title is going to be Star Wars: Balance of the Force.

This is the most prominent graphic to show up on social media, with many fans thinking that it's the real deal. While it's certainly possible, it has in no way been confirmed by anybody.

What fans should most certainly not do is ask Luke Skywalker himself (Mark Hamill) for any information about the new film. The actor recently tweeted on the subject, writing, "What's the title? When's the trailer? Are you Rey's father? Are you dead-a Force Ghost or did you project off Ahch-To? Will you haunt Kylo? Visit Leia/Lando? Flashbacks? 3rd Lesson? Is Chewie vegan now? My all-purpose response- #NeinNineAnswers #NOLeaks #MouthWideShut." To drive the point home, he adds a gif of him being interviewed, saying that if he leaked something, they'd cut his head off and throw it right in his face. Don't pester the Jedi Master.

While we wait for the real title to be revealed (with great patience), it's best to take the advice that is contained in a title offered by Twitter user John Hoey:

In the meantime, we'll just be sitting over here like this:

Star Wars: Someone in a Tree will blast its way into your cinemas on Dec. 20.