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Final Destination star Tony Todd explains why we'll probably never get another sequel

By Josh Grossberg
Tony Todd Final Destination 5 Youtube screengrab

The characters in the Final Destination movies always end up paying the ultimate price. But if you ask Tony Todd, it's the supposedly ballooning pricetag of the series that may explain why we haven't seen a new entry since 2011's Final Destination 5.

For fans wondering what the hold up has been on shooting another tale of dread, the franchise's sometime star blamed the inertia on the filmmakers' penchant for creating bigger and more Rube Goldberg-like extravagant death scenes, which he says has been a budget buster for New Line Cinema and parent company Warner Bros.

"I am [surprised] but I know why there hasn't been [another Final Destination]," Todd told Bloody-Disgusting while plugging the home video release of his latest slasher flick, Hell Fest. "It's really an expensive film to shoot. Just getting whatever accident set pieces, like for example part two with the whole traffic accident, that took a good five weeks to shoot and at least $20 million bucks. So there are other films like the Annabelle films which just focuses on a doll that they can shoot cheaper and still make money."

Todd, of course, plays coroner William "Bill" Bludworth, the owner of the Bludworth Funeral Homes, who in the original Final Destination and second and fifth installment explains the rule of Death to those teens who've managed to cheat fate.

The 64-year-old actor, also famed for playing the titular killer in the Candyman trilogy as well as Worf's younger brother Kurn in Star Trek: The Next Generation, summed up the delay by noting the rules of Tinseltown: if it's easier to greenlight a cheaper film that does just as well, if not better, at the box office, then that's the film Hollywood's gonna make. Hence, New Line's current focus on expanding The Conjuring universe and its spinoff horror characters Anabelle and The Nun.

"I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed but who knows?" Todd added. "You never know. It was a good one while we had it."

Oh the horror!

In any event, Todd is keeping busy. Aside from voicing the villain Zoom on the CW's The Flash, he next appears in The Final Wish, a new demon-filled tale of death from Jeffrey Reddick, the creator of the Final Destination franchise, which will be hitting theaters in limited release on Jan. 24.