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'Firefly: Brand New 'Verse' comic jumps 20 years into the future, with Wash and Zo's daughter piloting Serenity

By Josh Weiss
Firefly Brand New Verse cover

Good news, Firefly fans! Boom Entertainment is launching a fresh comic book series set in the world of Joss Whedon's classic sci-fi TV show. But this won't just be any regular Firefly storyline — this one, Firefly: Brand New 'Verse, jumps two decades into the future and will focus on Emma, the young daughter of Hoban "Wash" Washburne (Alan Tudyk's character) and  Zoe "Zo" Alleyne (Gina Torres's character). Featuring an all-new cast of space cowboys, the project is being written by Josh Lee Gordon (Firefly: Bad Company) and drawn by Fabiana Mascolo (Yasmeen).

In this timeline, Emma is now the captain of the Serenity (the iconic spaceship once owned and operated by Nathan Fillion's Malcolm Reynolds) and must prove herself to Zo, along with "a new crew of castaways and misfits just trying to stay afloat," reads the official synopsis. "But when Serenity takes a job from a familiar face, they discover that their new, living, breathing cargo is far more than they bargained for...and might bring them into conflict with Alliance once again!"

Check out Qistina Khalidah's main cover art for Issue #1 below (Khalidah is known for Boom!'s Magicians and Dark Crystal comic):

Firefly Brand New Verse cover

Here's a variant from Kevin Wada (She-Hulk):

Firefly Brand New Verse variant cover

Here's a variant by Veronica Fish (Sabrina The Teenage Witch):

Firefly Brand New Verse variant cover

Boom Studios! is no stranger to the Firefly universe, having continued on the short-lived TV series with an ongoing comic from writer Greg Pak and artis Dan McDaid. However, Brand New 'Verse marks the first time the publisher has dared to tell a story outside the established canon of the show.

“What’s really lovely about the legacy of Firefly,” Torres said during Comic-Con@Home this past summer, "it’s like any great book that touched you. When you [first] read it, maybe you were 15. And then you revisit it when you’re 25, and it says different things to you…Firefly does that. You have people who experienced it the first time who are now sharing it with their children."

Boom Studios!'s Firefly: Brand New 'Verse #1 launches Wednesday, Mar. 10.