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First Look: Boom!'s Firefly: Bad Company #1 reveals the secret origin of Saffron

By Jeff Spry
Bad Company Hero

Boom! Studios made a stellar impression on Browncoats worldwide when it successfully launched its new Firefly ongoing series this past November. Written by Planet Hulk's Greg Pak and infused with brilliant art by Dan McDaid, the hit title signaled the triumphant return of Serenity's intrepid crew, which was originally introduced in Joss Whedon's short-lived Fox TV series.

Now SYFY WIRE has an exclusive preview of a special oversized Firefly issue arriving next month that explores the backstory of one of its most enigmatic characters, Christina Hendricks' Saffron! Loyal fans of the cult series will finally be able to flesh out the extraordinary details of the infamous Mrs. Reynolds.

Bad Company Cover

Written by Josh Lee Gordon and infused with art courtesy of Francesco Mortarino (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Giuseppe Cafaro (Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon), and Moy R. (Dinosaucers), Firefly: Bad Company #1 drops on Wednesday, March 20 and unveils the long-awaited secret origins of the mysterious Firefly character in the ’Verse.

Years before she was known as Yolanda, Saffron, or Bridget, she was just a smalltime pickpocket existing on the streets of an Alliance planet, near enough to admire the upper class wealth but distanced enough to know she'd never be included in their elitist lifestyles.

The storyline drifts back to the early days of Saffron’s complicated story and we'll learn how she became the talented grifter and formidable thief who’s unleashed considerable havoc throughout the ‘Verse and is potentially responsible for the current bounty on Mal’s head in the pages of Firefly...unless she’s not exactly telling the truth!

Bad Company Slice 2

"This is an unusual origin story," Gordon explains to SYFY WIRE. "Saffron keeps her cards close to her vest, so it was important for us to maintain the secrecy surrounding her past, while also expanding upon the breadcrumbs that were laid out in the original show. Long time fans should appreciate that Saffron remains, and always will be, something of a mystery. But I'm jealous of the new readers, who will get to meet her for the first time!"

Bad Company Slice 3

Firefly: Bad Company #1 showcases a provocative main cover by Diego Galindo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and a variant cover by Jamal Campbell (Green Arrow).

Launch into our exclusive five-page sneak peek at this expanded one-shot in the full gallery below, then tell us if you're digging Boom!'s venture into the Firefly realm.