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Here's our first look at new 'Doctor Who' star Ncuti Gatwa and companion Millie Gibson in costume

The BBC has officially revealed the look for the Fifteenth Doctor.

By Matthew Jackson
Getty Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa

We may not officially meet the Fifteenth Doctor until next year, but the BBC has finally revealed that all-important component to Ncuti Gatwa's arrival as the next Doctor: The Costume.

Over the weekend, the official Doctor Who Twitter page introduced Gatwa and his incoming co-star, Millie Gibson, in their costumes for the beloved sci-fi series for the first time. Both costumes are relatively straightforward by Doctor Who standards, but Gatwa in particular stands out with a blending of autumnal colors and prints, and that bright orange shirt will certainly help us recognize him instantly in just about any adventure the TARDIS throws at him. 

Check out the costumes below:

Though the first couple of Doctors wore fairly standard clothes, as Doctor Who became a cultural institution in the decades after its debut, the wardrobe for the title character became a trademark for each actor who played the role, from Tom Baker's infinitely long scarf to Peter Davison's celery stalk lapel pin to Sylvester McCoy's umbrella. In recent years, revealing the look of the new Doctor has become almost as important as revealing the Doctor themselves, because it's such a key part of recognizing who each Doctor will be and how they'll carry themselves in their adventures.

Gatwa, a veteran of acclaimed TV like Sex Education, was revealed as the new Doctor back in May, replacing outgoing Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker, who wrapped up her run on the show earlier this year. Around the same time, the BBC and Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies revealed that series veterans David Tennant and Catherine Tate would be returning in 2023 for some kind of 60th anniversary celebration, though we didn't know what form that would take at the time. In October, it was revealed that Tennant would be the canonical Fourteenth Doctor, regenerating from Whittaker's Thirteenth and appearing in a series of three specials next year. Gatwa and Gibson, who plays new Companion Ruby Sunday, will then emerge over the 2023 holiday to begin the adventures of the Fifteenth Doctor. 

All of that's a very long way of saying that we've got about a year to wait until Gatwa's first adventure, but we can't wait to see what he does in the TARDIS. 

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