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SYFY WIRE Rick and Morty

A cosmic battle brews in series reveal for Oni's Rick and Morty Presents: Snuffles Goes To War comic

By Jeff Spry
snuffles hero

Edging into the autumn with another insane adventure from the madcap world of Rick and Morty, Portland-based Oni Press is delivering up a new canine-centric one-shot comic starring Morty's super-smart pooch, Snuffles — and SYFY WIRE is offering an exclusive cover preview with comments from its talented creative team.

Written by Chris Daniels with artwork from Devaun Dowdy, colors by Leonardo Ito, and lettering by Crank!, Rick and Morty Presents: Snuffles Goes To War charges comic shops on Oct. 6.

In Adult Swim's second-ever episode of the Rick and Morty animated series, "Lawnmower Dog," Rick gives Jerry a device that boosts the intelligence of the Smiths' pet dog Snuffles, but the little white pup uses his extra brain power to invent a translator, a robotic mech suit, and assembles a robot dog army. Abandoning plans to colonize Earth in the name of all canines, he leaves our planet to find one of his own.

snuffles 1

This wild new one-off finds that war is imminent for the canine empire and now it's a dog vs. squirrel showdown in a cosmic battle for the future of the universe's population of rebellious dogs.

Daniels has a comedic background, so for him, getting the opportunity to come up with a story in the world of Rick and Morty has been both exciting and a little scary because he hoped to live up to the standard.

"But once I started writing and playing with different ideas, nerves start to dissipate because I'm having so much fun, especially with a fan-favorite character like Snuffles," Daniels tells SYFY WIRE. "It's been awesome to see Devaun bring those ideas to life on the page, and I absolutely LOVE his cover. Leonard Ito and Crank! are both Rick and Morty vets with so many great comics under their belt, and together, this is an amazing team telling the next fun and hilarious Presents! story. I'm just lucky to get to work with such talents."

snuffles 2

This was artist Devaun Dowdy's first foray into comics and he's excited to work on more of these types of imaginative projects in the future.

"Working with Robert and Chris was fun and it was also a great learning experience," Dowdy tells SYFY WIRE. "I’m excited to show you all just how “nuts” this story is!” 

Oni Press' Rick and Morty Presents: Snuffles Goes To War attacks comic shops on Oct. 6.