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Ralph finally finds Sue, Iris explores the Mirror Universe in the latest Flash

By Trent Moore
The Flash Ralph and Sue

After teasing it for most of the season, Ralph Dibny has finally found his long lost missing persons case. Oh, and Iris has made a new friend in the Mirror Universe.

Spoilers ahead for “A Girl Named Sue,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

Any story where Dibny gets center stage is typically a fun one, and this week did not dissapoint. Ralph has spent the past year searching for Sue Dearbon, after being hired by her parents to track down the missing socialite. He finally gets a break in the case when she accesses her bank account, which kicks off a wild, hard-boiled detective adventure. Natalie Dreyfuss steals the show in her debut as Sue, bringing some interesting layers and twist to a character who (at least according to the comic canon) will eventually be Ralph’s wife.

Sue sells Ralph a sob story about how her criminal ex-boyfriend is trying to kill her, so Ralph vows to help her score the evidence to put her ex in prison and finally allow Sue to return home. There’s just one problem — none of it was true. Ralph and Sue really do seem to hit it off, though Sue is simply working the angles to steal a diamond from a criminal. Turns out she has no interest in returning to her old life, and is plenty busy as a master thief and investigator all her own.

Though she double crosses Ralph and blackmails him to keep her presence a secret from her parents (Ralph revealed himself as the Elongated Man to save Sue, so she already knows his secret identity now), it all turns out to be for more than just stealing a huge diamond. It seems all the threads of Iris’ investigation into Black Hole are starting to come together, as Sue is also looking into the mysterious organization (and the stolen diamond is somehow connected). Along the way, the Black Hole meta assassin Ultraviolet shows up, and Sue actually holds her own in a fist fight. So yeah, she can certainly hang with the heroes (if she’d just stop stealing stuff, of course).

The first adventure for Ralph and Sue was a blast, and hopefully the first of many to come. It's becoming clearer and clearer that an Elongated Man spinoff series could work, and work well. Make it the more detective-y corner of the Arrowverse, with Ralph and Sue teaming up to solve cases and fight some metas along the way. Think Jessica Jones meets The Flash, and doesn't that sound crazy fun?

So for those keeping count — Iris is looking into the organization, Sue is tracking them, and we learn this week Captain Joe is suspicious that Black Hole is having potential murder cases closed as accidental deaths with a double agent working on the Central City PD payroll. It’s still early, but Black Hole certainly looks to be the big bad of the back half of the season.

As for Iris, she’s still trapped in that mirror, though we get a lot more intel this week about what’s happening. While trapped she runs into the thought-dead Eva McCulloch, who has been trapped in the Mirror Universe ever since the night of the particle accelerator explosion. She’s spent the past six years trying to escape, to no avail, and is simply ecstatic to finally have some company in this lonely mirror hell. She explains to Iris that they’re essentially trapped in the Mirror Universe of Central City. It’s the same, just backwards, and empty. Basically an empty reflection of the world they know.

The Flash Iris and Eva

As for that rogue Iris out walking and talking with Team Flash? She is apparently some type of reflection duplicate created by the mirror (yeah, still a lot of questions there). Mirror Iris is trying really hard to get her hands on the old Mirror Gun from a few seasons ago, and Barry gives it to her by episode’s end. But why? What’s she up to? Still a lot of questions there.

Iris and Eva also try a mirror jail break using the old “freeze the mirror” trick from a few seasons ago, but it only shatters the mirror. Luckily, Eva discovers her own mirror=manipulating powers and she puts it back together. But regardless, they still can’t find a way to escape, at least not yet.

Nash Wells also gets a short appearance in this episode, nosing around in the STAR Labs archives. He tracks down Harry Wells’ old journal, and Nash is now seeing full-on talking hallucinations of Harry (the Earth-2 version of Wells who has recurred on the show off and on for a few years now). Of course, Harry presumably died in the Crisis when his universe was wiped out, so there are a whole lot of questions around why exactly Nash is seeing him, and what he hopes to find in his old journals.

Next week: We’re not monkeying around, Grodd is back, y’all.