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SYFY WIRE For All Mankind

‘For All Mankind’ kicks off a sci-fi space race for Mars in full trailer for Season 3

The 1990s look more futuristic than our actual future.

By Trent Moore
For All Mankind S2

NASA might still be working out how to get to Mars in our actual timeline — but in the world of Apple TV’s acclaimed sci-fi series For All Mankind — a Mars space is well underway by the time Pearl Jam and Nirvana were topping the charts.

Season 3 of For All Mankind, which chronicles an alternate history where Russia beat the United States to the moon and kicked off a new era of space exploration that brought about lunar bases and space stations decades ahead of schedule, returns with its season premiere on Friday, June 10. This new season pushes the action into an alt-version of the 1990's. New episodes of the 10-episode season will drop weekly and conclude with a season finale on Friday, August 12.

The first full trailer for Season 3 takes some of the biggest leaps yet, as the old cast of swashbuckling space explorers look to step into leadership roles as a younger team of astronauts head off further into the Solar System. The trailer gives us a good feel for the driving narrative for Year 3, which looks to find the United States, Russia and a private space firm reaching an uneasy alliance to try and colonize Mars. In addition to some cutting edge alt-1990s tech, we glimpse some futuristic space stations as well as new-look spacecrafts that aim to power this push to the Red Planet.

Check out the full trailer below:

Apple teases Season 3 will welcome a new frontier in the Space Race as the characters find themselves going head-to-head as their ambitions for Mars come into conflict and their loyalties are tested, creating a pressure cooker that builds to a climactic conclusion. Considering how much of a pressure cooker Season 2 managed to, ahem, cook up with a full on lunar turf war — we can’t wait to see what this even more ambitious mission will have in store.

Returning stars include Joel Kinnaman, Shantel VanSanten, Jodi Balfour, Sonya Walger, Krys Marshall, Cynthy Wu, Casey Johnson, Coral Peña and Wrenn Schmidt. One of the big new additions to the ensemble is Edi Gathegi as series regular 'Dev Ayesa,' described as a charismatic visionary with his sights set on the stars.

If you need to catch up, the first two seasons of For All Mankind are streaming now on Apple TV+. For All Mankind was created by Ronald D. Moore, the same mind behind SYFY’s acclaimed Battlestar Galactica revival, which is streaming on Peacock now and will also be airing as part of SYFY Rewind on Fridays this summer.