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The whole Fortnite universe was sucked into a black hole ahead of the game's Season 11 launch

By Josh Weiss

The internet was thrown into chaos yesterday when the entire Fortnite universe (map, players, and all) was sucked into a black hole from which many thought there would be no return. Players from all over the globe logged onto the game for a special event simply called "The End," which was meant to signal the end of one incarnation of Fortnite and the beginning of another.

Instead, they just got the end part of the deal.

As CNN reports, this occurred on Sunday just hours before Epic Games was set to roll out the game's 11th season, but so far, there's still a void where the online battle royale/survival phenomenon used to be.

As of Monday morning, the game's official YouTube channel was still livestreaming a video of utter cosmic nothingness that gnaws deep into the soul of any human brave enough to stare into its forbidden depths. It's straight-up Lovecraftian, yo! That said, the whole affair has gone insanely viral and is just the promotion Epic needs for a title that's been slightly falling out of the public eye in recent months.

Fortnite black hole

"All of this is hype for Season 11," esports and gaming consultant Rod Breslau told CNN. "Instead of just the standard update approach that Epic does for Fortnite ... which is going down for a few hours to apply an update, Epic has created an entire marketing and social media campaign, along with a narrative story around it."

He went on to describe this gimmick as "the most watched gaming event in history," adding that "Epic Games are geniuses."

Never one to disappoint, Twitter was filled with great reactions to the appearance of the black hole. As a courtesy to you, dear reader, we've collected and curated some of the best tweets about the "end" of Fortnite. Check them out below...

While the tweet has since been taken down, CNN writes that PlayStation assured its users over social media that any money and/or inventory accrued prior to the "blackout" would not be affected once the game comes back online.