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SYFY WIRE Marvel's The Punisher

Frank Castle fully unchains The Punisher in latest trailer for Season 2

By Josh Weiss
Jon Bernthal The Punisher Season 2 Netflix

If you thought Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) was dangerous in Season 1 of Marvel's The Punisher, then you're in for a rude awakening, because he gets even more deadly in Season 2.

Premiering on Netflix this week, the latest batch of episodes will find Mr. Castle going full Punisher on his enemies — that means no mercy and no remorse. A new teaser trailer posted by Marvel shows how unchained the character becomes as he protects a young woman (Giorgia Whigham) and fights against Billy Russo/Jigsaw (Ben Barnes).

Check out the teaser below:

"Every time I try to be something different, the wrong people get hurt ... Let me be what I'm meant to be," says Frank in the video above, highlighting the fact that his role as the Punisher is all but inevitable.

Wherever he goes, violence and bloodshed follow him like a bad penny. Nevertheless, he can never walk away from a fight when innocent lives are at stake. When he has a chance to protect them, he unleashes the full wrath of the Punisher, who is almost a Hulk-like identity that takes over when it's time to get sh** done and beat up the bad guys.

Will he ever be able to escape it? Probably not, but if Netflix ends up canceling this series like the other Marvel offerings, Frank will certainly get a temporary respite from all that death and destruction.

Early reviews for Season 2 have been overwhelmingly positive, some of them claiming that this is the best sophomore effort for any of the Marvel Netflix shows thus far.

The Punisher's second season drops on Netflix this Friday, January 18.