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Ribbit! Ribbit! 'Frogger' comes to life with first bonkers trailer for Peacock's new game show

By Josh Weiss
Frogger Still

All in a frog's work! Peacock has made good on the promise it made this past winter with a legit game show inspired by Frogger, the classic Konami video game first released in the early 1980s. Over the last four decades, the franchise has grown into a collection of more than 30 titles across several different gaming platforms.

Hosted by Damon Wayans Jr. and Kyle Brandt, the reality competition series is similar in vibe to ABC's Wipeout and Netflix's Floor is Lava, in that it challenges contestants to make it through perilous and colorful obstacle courses or "crossings" (like Frog City, Candy Frog Land, Frogs in Space, Frog Skull Island, Ribbit River, and Toad Temple) — all for $100,000 in prize money. Individuals from around the country must use all of their strength, strategy, and problem-solving skills to come away victorious.

The twist here is that Frogger's obstacles are ripped straight out of the virtual domain — from oncoming cars, to snapping alligators, to hungry, hungry hippos. Luckily, the treacherous obstacles are made of foam and rubber, and don't pose any actual bodily harm to the human players (well, except maybe their pride), standing in for the famous amphibian attempting to make it across a busy stretch of road and back to its watery home.

Watch the trailer now:

Created for television by Chris Culvenor of Eureka Productions, the program is executive-produced by Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Eden Gaha, and Fred Birckhead. Konami Cross Media NY, Inc. is also a partner.

Frogger leaps onto Peacock Thursday, Sept. 9.

(Peacock & SYFY WIRE are both owned by NBCUniversal)